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Good Speakers for 50 bucks (monoprice)?

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I know that monoprice is a highly reccomended for their cheap headphones, but I was wondering about their bookshelve speakers. I listen to all kinds of music, so I'd want them to be fairly well rounded.


Heres the link:



How would these compare to these:





I know almost nothing about speakers so please answer clearly!


These will be used at a desk with a macbook pro and an iPod Touch 5G.


Also, I don't want to spend much on amps, but is there a specific one that you think would go well with these?


Thank You for any response you can provide!

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I haven't heard them, but the Dayton's are the ones that get recommended, along with the Lepai (check Amazon for that, too): http://news.cnet.com/8301-13645_3-57439115-47/build-your-own-desktop-stereo-for-under-$70/

That combination will be better than any $100 computer desktop speakers. I have tried the Lepai with a few different speakers, and it works amazingly well for around $20. Best bet from there if you want better amplification is to look for a used receiver on Craigslist.

If you like bass heavy music, a nice addition to that is one of the Dayton subs (through Parts Express).
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