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Streaming audio bit-stream over Bluetooth ??

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Hi PC-Fiers....  Was wondering if you all can lend me a hand.


Currently I use my macbook pro as PC source.  I use the toslink optical output and feed that into my Entech DAC, so the macbook just "merges" seamlessly into my multi-source music listening station.


The optical cable is big, bulky and YUK... just a real pain with the portability of a laptop moving around the room.  Is there a way to broadcast my audio over bluetooth, and have it received by a "device" that converts bluetooth bitstream to toslink optical?


I basically want to replace the optical cable out of the macbook with a bluetooth data stream.



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There are a couple of options to go wireless.

Google a little

  • Bluetooth audio receiver
  • Wireless audio transmitter
  • Airport Express
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AWESOME!! thanks for the tips.


Turns out NONE of the BT receivers I found have optical/digital outputs.  They all have internal DACs (of hit or miss quality) that convert BT bitstream to analog... bummers, that won't work for me.


I just found this Belkin though that looks like it does what I need, at least on the surface.  I can't tell if its a PURE digital signal path through the circuit from BT to Toslink but at least on the surface it looks like what I need.





It looks like it was just released last week.  Amazon reviews are not favorable though, and one reviewer complains of dropping packets while fully connected... 




So I'm going to hold off on this for at least as long as I can stand the toslink cable.


THANKS!!  anyone else have any tips?

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