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I missed this thread! (started a similar one on January 23, not realizing this existed). Glad this discussion is here. I'm really looking forward to this DAC. Wanted them to build a shoebox sized USB DAC for two years now. Finally! Have been a Naim customer since the mid 1980's. One of the big reasons Naim uses Din is because the plugs have an impedance that matches the cable. They explain how they believe this affects sound over on their 'FAQs' on the Naim Forum. I'm predicting a retail here in Canada between $2300 and $2500, plus tax, based on the English price of £1250. Not cheap. But more affordable for me than their current DAC. Their existing DAC would have required a USB to SPDIF 'device' like my V-Link or a mini Toslink to Toslink for my Mac. My guess is they took a long time developing this DAC before bringing it to market, and kept it really quiet. It was quite the surprise!


I'm grabbing the first one I can get my hands on. I'm pretty addicted to the Naim sound. It's going to replace my Rega DAC.  The Rega has been 'okay' for me, but I've needed more musically. I didn't get the chance to do much auditioning at the time. I'm disabled so my dealer brought the Rega by and I listened for a while and it sounded very good (close in sound to my Naim CD5i CD player) so I figured it was good enough for $1000. And would have Rega quality and value at time of resale. I'm hoping the Naim DAC has the signature Naim boogie — hard to put into words, but suffice it to say whenever I get new Naim gear I end up going through my collection well into the night. And that love affair usually goes on for months. Can't find anyone anywhere who has heard it yet. I'm new to this site, but I think the icing on the cake is the headphone jack. And I'm sure, like everything Naim does, that it will have a high quality headphone amp.

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Here in Toronto, Canada, it's being featured at a Naim Dealership, Bay Bloor Radio, on February 6, with a rep from Naim present. (I contacted the Naim distributor in Canada). The distributor told me they will be available for sale in early March. I've contacted my Naim dealer and already reserved one. I'm hoping it sounds fantastic and I like it like I've enjoyed most of Naim's products. On the sidelines, however, I have an old Linn LP12, which I plan on restoring. So as I plunge ahead into the digital future, I still plan to maintain my ties to the analogue past.

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Could you just hook this directly to a Vortexbox?

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Nice to see you over here too Hawk smily_headphones1.gif

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Originally Posted by Julian H View Post

Nice to see you over here too Hawk smily_headphones1.gif

Thank you!

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I contacted my Naim dealer today, and asked him to order me the new DAC. He's going to get back to me. Expecting availability early March. I'll keep you guys posted.

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I'll be very interested to know what you think. I have almost completely disposed of my second system in readiness for this new item. Now I just need a power amp to go with it for my n-Sats. Having said that, I might just keep my Nait XS and run the V1 as a source LOL.


Cheers, Julian

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The deposit towards the purchase of the DAC was sent to my dealer just now. The DAC is ordered. I have nSATs in my den and Intros. I will be running a MacBook/Audirvana Plus/DAC-V1/Nait XS/Naim nSATs or Intros. Can't wait to hear how it sounds. My music varies from mp3s to aiff to DSDs. Estimated arrival of the DAC is the first week of March.

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Wow, thats pretty much what I will be using. V1/NaitXS/n-Sats. I don't really want to use the XS because I would rather a power-amp like the 150x or maybe the new 100. But I can't sell the XS for some reason so I will end up using that! LOL. Once I have recovered from my new poweramp for the main system, I will buy my V1 too!


Let us know how you get on Hawk!


Cheers, Julian

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Why can't you sell the XS? And why don't you want to use the XS? Is it the width, in that you would like to match the width of the DAC?

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Not sure why I can't sell the XS. Maybe its because it is an early one with the older style fascia? Plenty of low-ballers though.


I am not a fan of redundancy. Since the V1 has a preamp built in, I'd rather have a power amp. I will give up trying to sell the Nait I think, and just use it like I said above. It is a super amp as I am sure you know...


Regards, Julian

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Sorry to hear that. Yes, I guess a bit of redundancy. The XS is such a great amp.


Take care!

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Rumour has it that the DAC-V1 demonstration units have started shipping to UK dealers, so I'm going to see if I can audition one...


It's supposed to scale well enough to use as an input to a NAP 250, which if true is not at all shabby.

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Keep us posted!

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Originally Posted by TheHawk View Post

Keep us posted!

Will do.


Do you have a delivery date for your unit yet?

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