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Still waiting on my Riverside vinyl. Freakin' Germans. Gonna give this a shot. 

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Harvest Moon by Polish band Votum.  Simlar to Riverside in style.





So excited to get this on vinyl. Listened to my Drive Soundtrack last night reminded me I needed to get this. Been a fan for a long time.


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OutRun - Kavinsky




Been waiting for this one for years, though I already knew 7 of 13 tracks before the release. Still a great album. Of the tracks new for this album Roadgame would have to be the best.


That's a great list there. 


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Was just looking around on Amazon and found out about some new upcoming releases:


Autechre - Exai (3/5)
Depeche Mode - Delta Machine (3/26)
Dido - Girl Who Got Away (3/26)
How To Destroy Angels - Welcome Oblivion (3/5)
Hypocrisy - End of Disclosure (4/2)
Killswitch Engage - Disarm The Descent (4/2)
Phoenix - Bankrupt (4/23)
Soilwork - The Living Infinite (3/5)
The Knife - Shaking The Habitual (4/9)
Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City (5/7)

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In the "good old days" Dutch band Bettie Serveert first served a small audience some handful wonderful albums of which their debut album "Palomine" occasionally is mentioned as one of the better indie albums of the early 90's. Although it certainly seemed like Bettie Serveert almost did everything they could to stay low-key outside the borders of Holland. Well, not really..


Now they are back with a new album "Oh Mayhem" and it is IMO pretty damn good and they don't sound like they have aged as much as I have in the same two decades..

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To Dust by Alice Russel.


A couple of good songs but nowhere near as good as My favourite letters from 2005. She still has a magic voice though. Available on Spotify as well.


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Foals's Holy Fire.

Great Indie Album.

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Son Volt's (I think) seventh album is out. It's called "Honky Tonk." 


It's a return to Americana / outlaw country. Not much sign of indie rock on this one. The title is appropriate, as this is good ol' tear-in-your-beer country without much of the indie-rawk leanings:


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The mining of the vaults continues. At this point, of course, there is never going to be anything remotely like a "new album." However, that doesn't mean there aren't nuggets to be found.


It's still Jimi Hendrix, and who wouldn't want to hear it? It's un-released until now Jimi Hendrix!


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March 12th (US). Can now be pre-ordered from Amazon and there's a free stream of the whole album on iTunes. The cover looks very familiar..and the music sound as something I have heard before, meaning plenty of references to his past.  Maybe a final masterpiece from this old dude..

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Woman - Rhye.


I have been listening to this album the past week on and off, mainly as a late night treat and it is something very different from what I usual listen to.


The music can fairly quickly be described as a R/B, electronica version of Sade performed by a Canadian/Danish male duo. The whole Rhye collaboration is very Kabuki like and similar mysterious, but I'm all for it.. and I'm certainly enjoying this album because it is what I hear and then again it's not. Just like a David Lynch movie..  


Anyway, there's some subtle and very beautiful songs on this album. Well produced video's as well..





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Some more new/upcoming releases I found via Amazon:


Eric Clapton - Old Sock (3/12)
Iron & Wine - Ghost on Ghost (4/16)
Jane Monheit - The Heart of the Matter (4/16)
Madeleine Peyroux - The Blue Room (3/5)
She & Him - Volume 3 (5/7)

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Clutch - Earth Rocker. It doesn't come out until the 19th of this month but I'm very much looking forward to it. I think the cover art is great.


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Very much looking forward to this one. Their last release has much better audio quality than their other ones (like seriously, it's almost a different band) and I'm hoping this one continues the trent. I'll be getting the LPs.


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Clutch - Earth Rocker. It doesn't come out until the 19th of this month but I'm very much looking forward to it. I think the cover art is great.


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Great indie jangly/dream poppy sounding band and they just released a new EP.  Very much inspired by The Smiths.. and what a lovely cover


Northern Portrait - Pretty Decent Swimmers



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In the above picture we can observe some old dude born in 1944 showing of his guitar, so what's new about this... it certainly looks very ancient when presented in a 2013 thread.


The only problem is that it is actually a cover of a very cool album and the guy in the picture is Boz Scaggs and despite his age (almost 70 years old) he can still write a decent tune and vocally present it very well, heck even a full album!  Added to this and certainly not less important, Mr. Scaggs still manage to handle his guitar credentials much better than many of the younger guns trying to challenge him.. It is all about experience.. Good one..


Boz Scaggs - Memphis

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The new Autechre is pretty darn spiffy.

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Wish I had to money to pick up the LPs again like I did with Oversteps.


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The new Autechre is pretty darn spiffy.

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