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In May of 2012, one of the preeminent figures of American Roots Music, Doc Watson, died at 89 years of age. This summer, Sugar Hill Records release a career-spanning collection, The Definitive Doc Watson, that is an expansive tribute to the Appalachian music legend. An anthology that showcases Watson at his finest, the two-disc, 34- track project highlights the best of his solo work in addition to exploring the many albums he recorded with his son, Merle, as well as select guest appearances he made on the recordings of other artists.
The Definitive Doc Watson serves as either an introduction for the uninitiated or as an overview for the previously enlightened. This set is the first compilation to jointly anthologize the Vanguard Records and Sugar Hill Records periods of Watson’s discography. Watson recorded many of his top albums on the Vanguard and Sugar Hill record labels, so there is a vast catalog of music available to choose from when it came to putting together this rich collection. Covering the years 1962-2005, this compilation allows one to experience how singular a force of American music he was.

Classic Watson songs on The Definitive Doc Watson include “Black Mountain Rag,” “Greenville Trestle High,” “Shady Grove,” “Blue Railroad Train,” “Little Sadie,” “Tennessee Stud” and “Your Lone Journey.” “Your Lone Journey” was originated and co-written by Doc’s wife, Rosa Lee Watson, who died on Thanksgiving morning, six months after his death.

1. The Cyclone of Rye Cove [02:22]
2. St. Louis Blues [02:35]
3. The House Carpenter [03:54]
4. The Wagoner’s Lad [03:16]
5. Anniversary Blue Yodel (Blue Yodel #7) [02:10]
6. Sitting On Top of the World [02:39]
7. Black Mountain Rag [01:33]
8. Country Blues [03:31]
9. Weary Blues [02:43]
10. Little Sadie [02:01]
11. Dream of the Miner’s Child [02:50]
12. Southbound [02:52]
13. Tennessee Stud [03:38]
14. Blue Railroad Train [02:46]
15. Georgie [02:47]
16. Katie Morey [02:24]
17. Matty Groves [06:03]
18. Whistlin’ Rufus/Ragtime Annie [04:04]
19. Big Spike Hammer [03:14]
20. Listening to the Rain [03:15]
21. Willlie Moore [04:04]
22. My Rough and Rowdy Ways [02:31]
23. The Wreck of Number Nine [02:58]
24. Omie Wise [05:27]
25. Shady Grove [02:58]
26. Watson’s Blues [03:32]
27. Slidin’ Delta [02:03]
28. Bright Sunny South [02:37]
29. Greenville Trestle High [03:27]
30. I’m Going Back to the Old Home [02:14]
31. George Gudger’s Overalls [03:26]
32. The Ninety and Nine [02:35]
33. Your Lonely Journey [02:48]
34. Whiskey Before Breakfast [02:52]

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Go here to listen to clips http://www.amazon.com/Memphis-Boz-Scaggs/dp/B00AYR2FOI/ref=sr_1_1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1375572062&sr=1-1&keywords=boz+scaggs+memphis



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Otis Redding - The Complete Stax / Volt Singles Collection (2013)


"the smart people at Shout! Factory have finally figured out the best possible way to market pop music's infinite catalog is by sharply focusing one particular aspect of it. In this case? A splendidly designed set that features every single A-side and B-side recorded by the legendary singer in and this is important "its original, booming mono mix.... It is an object of art, it houses classic music, and it is worth every penny you might spend." --Yahoo Music, July 2013



01 - These Arms Of Mine
02 - Hey Hey Baby
03 - That's What My Heart Needs
04 - Mary's Little Lamb
05 - Pain In My Heart
06 - Something Is Worrying Me
07 - Come To Me
08 - Don't Leave Me This Way
09 - Security
10 - I Want To Thank You
11 - Chained And Bound
12 - Your One And Only Man
13 - That's How Strong My Love Is
14 - Mr. Pitiful
15 - I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)
16 - I'm Depending On You
17 - Respect
18 - Ole Man Trouble
19 - I Can't Turn You Loose
20 - Just One More Day
21 - Satisfaction
22 - Any Ole Way
23 - My Lover's Prayer
24 - Don't Mess With Cupid

01 - Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song)
02 - Good To Me
03 - Try A Little Tenderness
04 - I'm Sick Y'all
05 - I Love You More Than Words Can Say
06 - Let Me Come On Home
07 - Tramp
08 - Tell It Like It Is
09 - Shake (live)
10 - You Don't Miss Your Water
11 - Glory Of Love
12 - I'm Coming Home
13 - Knock On Wood
14 - Let Me Be Good To You
15 - (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay
16 - Sweet Lorene
17 - Lovey Dovey
18 - New Year's Resolution
19 - The Happy Song (Dum-Dum)
20 - Open The Door
21 - Amen
22 - Hard To Handle
23 - I've Got Dreams To Remember
24 - Nobody's Fault But Mine

01 - White Christmas
02 - Merry Christmas, Baby
03 - Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (live)
04 - Direct Me
05 - A Lover's Question
06 - You Made A Man Out Of Me
07 - When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
08 - Ooh Carla, Ooh Otis
09 - Love Man
10 - Can't Turn You Loose
11 - Free Me
12 - (Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher & Higher
13 - Look At The Girl
14 - That's A Good Idea
15 - Demonstration
16 - Johnny's Heartbreak
17 - Give Away None Of My Love
18 - Snatch A Little Piece
19 - I've Been Loving You Too Long (live)
20 - Try A Little Tenderness (live)
21 - My Girl
22 - Good To Me

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Buddy Guy - Rhythm & Blues (2013)


Buddy's new album is stellar and it's a double disc.



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Robert Randolph & The Family Band - Lickety Split (2013)


From allmusic.com:

For Robert Randolph & the Family Band, the three year break after 2010's somewhat stilted-sounding We Walk This Road was well deserved. By Randolph's own admission, their 280 date-per-year touring pace had taken its toll: playing music, let alone trying to find time to create it, had become a chore. Their Blue Note debut, Lickety Split, features an expanded FB lineup that includes vocalist Lenesha Randolph and guitarist Brett Haas; the group has gone back to its earliest recorded efforts for inspiration while furthering their new music considerably. The end result resembles their live sound more than any studio record in their catalog. Co-produced by the FB with Randolph's songwriting partners, it was primarily engineered and edited by Eddie Kramer, and mixed by Jim Scott. Opener "Amped Up" delivers the FB's trademark party-time meld of screaming hard rock, funk, gospel, blues, and R&B, all at full-tilt and in the raw. "Born Again" delivers the band's signature gospel message with celebration. The gorgeous call-and-response vocals between the Randolphs, and guest Bekka Bramlett, and the meaty, contrasting guitar interplay between Robert and Haas, are irresistible. Soul, Cajun-country, and gospel are at the heart of the dreamy yet earthy Lenesha-led, "New Orleans." Speaking of NOLA, Trombone Shorty lends his horn and energy to the gospelized, Crescent City-flavored stomp of "Take the Party." Carlos Santana makes two appearances here as well. On the driving funk of "Brand New Wayo," he delivers a fine, overdriven B.B. King nod when prompted byRandolph, while bassist Daniel Morgan lets his Bootsy freak flag fly and pushes the tune into the red. The rangy, pulsing hard rock gospel blues in the title track gets high marks for Randolph's tasty fills and the soulful vocal exchanges. The cover of the Ohio Players' "Love Rollercoaster" has its horns supplanted beautifully by the color palette from Randolph's pedal steel, and Morgan's knotty, funky bassline. The other cover here is an off-your-seat-and-on-your-feet reading of the Rascals' "Good Lovin," with Dwan Hill adding his B-3 to the mix and trading fours with Randolph, sending it all off in party-down version of a Möbius strip. Lickety Split is not only a joyous, unhindered return to form, but the group's finest studio offering to date.

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My latest 2013 release:  The Weekend "Jinx".  It has a early 1980's post punk feel, mixed with some 90's shoegaze.  Fans of bands like Joy Division, Jesus and Mary Chain or The Cure might want to check them out.  This one is a little more polished than their debut "Sports".


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Washed out - Paracosm


I'm currently enjoying Paracosm. There is not much originality in Ernest Green's music but he had tried to make his dream-pop different with interesting sound mixes and sometimes catchy rhythms.



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Drivin' N' Cryin' - Songs From The Psychedelic Time Clock (EP) (2013)


From allmusic.com:


In 2012, the decades-running Southern rock act  Drivin' n' Cryin' announced plans to release four separate EPs over a 12-month period rather than offer up a single new full-length. These EPs, released on the band's own New! Records imprint, would focus on one aspect of the group's sound per release, with the first chapter, Songs from the Laundromat, drenched in deep-fried Southern boogie rock and Songs About Cars, Space and the Ramones exploring punk influences. The Third EP, Songs from the Psychedelic Time Clock follows with religious reworkings of the early garage and '60s psych sound. Beginning with the loving homage to the genre "The Little Record Store Just Around the Corner," the band rides a Seeds/Count Five-inspired riff and rumble while vocalist/songwriter Kevin Kinney sings about finding psychedelic records in the welcoming arms of the local record shop. Throughout the brief six tracks, the band channels the third-eye-opened trips of the 13th Floor Elevators on the poetic "Sometimes the Rain (Is Just the Rain)" and gentle sunshiny Beatles and Byrds-isms on "Upside Down Round and Round," and even gets into some of Hawkwind's dark biker rock energy in places. While the instrumental title track drags the short-lived collection down a little bit, the majority of Songs from the Psychedelic Time Clock smack with the excitement and clarity of the two EPs that preceded it. From the Iggy-esque yelps to the Dukes of the Stratosphear-caliber re-envisioning of the golden era of psychedelic sounds, Drivin' n' Cryin' display a detailed knowledge for the music they pay tribute to here, as well as a profound love.

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Originally Posted by Jupiterknight View Post



Portugal, The Man - Evil Friends


Kind of funny how the reviews, posted below, comes out so relatively different in grading  using a similar scale.  Reminds me somewhat of HF and why I posted this..


Anyway, many sounds/references are present on this album, kind of a blend between The Flaming Lips/Pixies, 22 Pistepirkko and much more. I do find this album very catchy and a healthy exercise for my mind trying figuring it all out and better than Sunday papers crossword puzzles.  Maybe the answer is ADHD. 







I'm just finally discovering this record. You were way ahead of me.


Wow. It's good!

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Two new release I like a lot.



Loud City Song from Julia Holter.  Very original chamber-pop/dream pop, maybe a bit trip-hop-ish. Strong and beautiful female vocals with electronic and orchestral backing. Holter doesn't need to hide behind layers of sound and the music is consistently inventive and fresh feeling.  She springs from the female singer/songwriter tradition, but the album is as much Bjork for the hermetic feel, as Joni Mitchell. I love the confidence and ambition of this album.



Slow Focus by the ***** Buttons is balls-out anthemic electronic music with a touch of circuit-bending. This is fast, loud and fun by a duo that doesn't seem concerned with trying to appear cool. 

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Nine Inch Nails - Hesitation Marks


Great album, now streaming for free at http://search.itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZContentLink.woa/wa/link?path=NineInchNails?iqTagFallback=t.co (WARNING: requires iTunes,. will automatically open iTunes if it is installed)

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Preordered my LP for the new NIN today. Getting all 3 masters. smily_headphones1.gif
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EVEN TUNDRA New album release of Benji Vaughan


24 bit  download also purchasable from.





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