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Buy Hifiman HE- 500 from USA to Europe ?

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Hello, guys how much cost HE-500 + Shipping + Customs paying to Ship to Europe to Lithuania ? I want to buy from this website. http://head-direct.com/

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Customs depend on the country you live in, for me in norway it is 25% extra the product in tax and an extra handling fee on 50$. The price on the delivery is usually said on the site once you have registered and try to buy it and choose what delivery method before you accept the purchase.
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Headphones 699$ + Shipping 25$ = 724$ and Custom pay? what buy this headphones from http://head-direct.com/ to europe, tell me full price with all taxes.

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for germany +19% VAT and + 2% foreign custom (custom depends on the type of product, imho it is 2% for head phones), so would be nearly 880 $  (673€)


for 700€, you could get them from amazon (first find in google :)


Correction: custom would only be 2% not 4%, (TARIC 8518 30 95 90) ...  but even with this, not a good deal :(

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OMG, my max budget for Headphones+amp+ dac 1000$ HE-500 O2+Odac ... So sad

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Get the headphones you really want first and then go on the journey for the perfect amp for it. Aslong you have something that can drive them well enough from before.

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Im in the same boat looking to get the HE-500 from Hifiman Direct as the price difference in the UK is sickening. How is $699 equilavent to £695 complete joke. Anyway got the price and postage contacted duty and custom helpline ordering from USA £553 to bring it in to the UK total.

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Any buy from Head Direct to europe and how its cost with all taxes ?

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Total customs value: US$724.00
- Duty: US$14.48
- VAT: US$155.08
Total import duty & taxes due: US$169.56
Total landed cost: US$893.56



Notes on duty & taxes rates

  • Headphones has an import duty rate of 2% and VAT rate of 21% .



from www . dutycalculator . com

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Hm, there's a chance Head-Direct will mark down the cost of the package so that you won't have to pay for as much tax. Try contacting their customer service and ask about this before/right after you order. Also, HE500s will likely be shipped to you from directly from their Hong Kong factory, not from USA.

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Have a look at this: http://www.audiophonics.fr/hifiman-he500-casque-audiophile-orthodynamique-89db-p-6542.html

Delivery time seems a bit long though.

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For europe..justbuyfrom madooma.de..its 699 euro..no import taxes..as its in the eu..so u just pay for the postage.. as its in germany..sennding it to lithuania wont be to expensive i think. Lithuania is in the eu also right? So just go to www.madooma.de. I bought my he500 from them and service is perfect also!
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from http://head-direct.com/ Hifiman HE- 500 are cheaper than from www.madooma.de with shipping and all taxes.

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How about if i buy from USA Head-fier used headphones ~600$ + ~50$ shipping,  for used headphones not applied taxes?  

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