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For Sale: FS: HeadAmp Blue Hawaii SE

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For Sale:
FS: HeadAmp Blue Hawaii SE

Will Ship To: USA

1/15/13: SOLD


$4600 shipped FIRM to USA residents only via insured FedEx Ground. (To clarify the price: $4500 for the amp, +$100 for shipping, which is actually less than the expected shipping cost.) I will ship the amp to 1st parties only - no intermediaries, including shipping transceivers (typically used to divert packages to other countries). I also reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone with 0 posts or no feedback. (I can overlook no feedback though - just as long as the buyer has a reasonable number of posts on Head-Fi.)

1st owner of serial #5, which was completed in May 2009 and made its debut at CanJam 2009 in Los Angeles. Condition is 9/10 on the Audiogon scale - excellent overall, with an exception as noted below.

Physical Defect Note: the amp has minor damage on a heatsink fin (see pic #2), on the back (so it won't be seen at all times) - right side when looking at the amp from the back, or the left side when looking at the amp from the front (where it can't be seen). I have no knowledge of how the damage was incurred exactly, or even what or who incurred it, but I do know that it probably happened sometime during RMAF 2010, where I displayed the amp at the show as part of my personal setup. The amp was in perfect condition before the show, and I only noticed the damage after I'd gotten it back home and set it up again. Naturally, the damage doesn't really affect anything since it's only on a heatsink fin, but it should be noted all the same.


Update: I just recently re-asked Justin @ HeadAmp about repairing the heatsink fin and he essentially said that it'd be "hard to do" and that it's probably best left as-is.

Configuration is as follows:
- blue/gray panels on amp & PSU
- DACT stepped attenuator (NOT the Alps RK50 which is a +$1K option)
- 1 Stax Pro + 1 Stax Normal jacks, resulting in a lower gain than a BHSE with 2 Stax Pro jacks, but makes the amp extremely useful for Normal-bias headphones!
- stock quad of Mullard EL34 tubes
- black tube base rings and spiked feet

The blue/gray BHSE pictured on is mine (photo was taken by Iron_Dreamer). Related note: on a source component outputting 2V RMS, the pictured volume setting is where the volume starts getting moderately loud, primarily due to the amp's gain setting. For this reason, a source with at least 2V RMS output is highly recommended for this specific BHSE (obviously, higher would be better - and balanced XLR output even more recommended, if available).

Also included at no extra cost (some of which is pictured):
- 4 Genalex Gold Lion KT77 tubes in a matched quad (~$150 value)
- Isoclean Tip Toes support discs, small set of 4 ($60 value)
- 6 Audio Additives RCA caps, installed over both RCA inputs and the RCA loop output ($12 value)
- your choice of up to 4 audiophile gold CDs from the selection on this Web page: (~$120 value)

- plastic tube bias adjustment tool (not originally included with my BHSE)

Please note: I would highly prefer a form of payment not made through PayPal. If PayPal must be used, I will accept only e-check. Please verify you can send e-checks before sending me a PM.

Shipping note: the amp, PSU, & accessories will all ship together in a single large box with dimensions 31" x 18.5" x 11". Please note these dimensions - it's a very large box that will be difficult to fit into a compact car (but won't be impossible). Transport via SUV or truck is highly recommended. (This info may be relevant for anyone who will want the BHSE shipped to either a work address, or a home address that's an apartment complex.)

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Edit- didn't read.  I thought it was an alps unit.

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Perfect next owner for this amp!

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