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good iem's for under $100

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I can't seem to find my old thread, but what are some good in ears for under $100. It would be even better if I can find some with a remote and Mic.
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sony mh1c gets lots of mention lately. i dont know personally.

i keep trying different sets that i read about and im not totally happy with any set that i have right now. so my best advice is to maybe start out at $30-50. one thing ive found out is that $100 does not guarantee quality of any sort.

there's plenty of $20-50 phones that beat lots of $100 phones in everything. so basically be thorough in your research.
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Klipsch Image X10, price on Amazon right now is $107.76, barely over your max, but it tends to bounce around. I got mine for $90 but thats the non-remote version. 


If not the Logitech UE500/600i can be had for under $100 both have the remote.

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I'd say either the Klipsch X10 or the Sony MH1C are good choices but if you spend just $20 more you can get either the Rockit R-50 or the Hifiman RE262 which are both a bit better than the other 2 imo.

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Sony XBA1ip.

Great sounding IEM with vocal tracks.

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Let's add newly released Hifiman RE400 to the list.

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Originally Posted by homesick_alien View Post

Let's add newly released Hifiman RE400 to the list.


Have you heard the RE400?  If so how do the sound and compare to other Hifiman IEM's?

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i want something with good bass and clarity because i listen to a lot of hip hop and r&b

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JVC HA-FX40 costs approximately 20 dollars and is terrific for that price and the type of music you like.

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would they improve any with a small amp?

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For you best option is only mh1c- realy good sound with plenty of bass and remote.
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how much am i limiting my options by wanting a remote? i saw a gadget on here a while back that let you use any iem's because it have its own mic and remote

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i been trying to choose between the JVC FX3X on a amp or the xb90's. I realized that wanting a mic and remote is really limiting my choices

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