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For Sale: FiiO E7 for Sale with Fiio L7, L3, L8

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
FiiO E7 for Sale with Fiio L7, L3, L8

Will Ship To: CONUS or Canada

Should work perfectly. I could not connect to my MacBook, but I suspect that may have been on my side. Works with iPod/iPhone, and the L6 (not availible on amazon anymore!) connects it to the Sanza Fuze.


Edit: no more L6!


This is what I have right now: -the rubber protector 

-the soft cloth case
-the L7 LOD

-the L3 LOD for iPod

-the L8 1/8th - 1/8th male to male connector

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I PM'ed you. what accessories are included? (ones that came with E7, i.e. rubber case, cloth case, charging cable)

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Is this still available?

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This is still for sale as of 7/24/13.

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this still for sale? and is the price with or without shipping to canada? pm me lmk im interested :D thanks

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I listed on ebay because I've had almost 10 people message me and then fail to commit through this listing :(. Out of character for head-fiers. Anyway:

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