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Anyone give me a recommendation for an IEM upgrade?

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Hi Head-Fiers,


I'm new here, this is my first post. I have been on the website quite awhile, reading a lot of threads. I've finally gathered up courage to post something and join in on the audiophile club :P


I am not an adult yet, I'm currently a student in middle school. I don't have a lot of money, so please, when making a recommendation, don't suggest anything that expensive :) 

My current IEM is a pair of Klipsch Image S4s. I personally think these are overrated. I thought the sound would be mind blowing, because of this article.


I tried burning them in, but the sound quality still didn't satisfy me. And as, previously mentioned, I am a middle schooler, I spent 70$ on that and I couldn't return them or anything (because the warranty and etc had expired) I couldn't afford to buy anything else (yes, i asked my parents and guess what they said?) 


Approximately ten days ago, Christmas happened. My parents, as usual, didn't get me anything. Except money. I got a lot of money this year from my friends and family, and what better to spend it on then IEMs? :) :D :) 


I want the IEMs to be less than 100$, but I'm willing to pay 30$ more if the sound quality or brand is wayyy better...


I've been browsing on Head-Fi as well as Amazon. Currently I've rounded up these IEM's that I like (according to what people say)




~100$ Klipsch Image X10 ----  



Thoughts: These were 350$. I've been reading threads comparing this to the UE triple fi.10s, and some say the TF10s are better, some say the X10s are better. I personally think with the 120$ price difference now, the X10 would be a better buy, no? 



100$ Shure SE215

Thoughts: These are obviously Shures, so the sound quality will be good. But based on what I've picked up by reading, these are uncomfortable.


100$ Etymotic Research HF5


Thoughts: This was the main competitor with the Klipsch Image S4 that I wanted to buy. I don't know much about this though...


100$ Bose IE2


Thoughts: My cousins have these and I like em, but I wasn't super impressed.


On an end note, I beg of you to please argue with me. I'm a complete newbie and my facts are most likely wrong. And also, I'd like to hear recommendations!!!


Since I don't know much, please compare sound with the Bose earbuds, since those are the ones I've ever tried before.


On the priorities list, the first is sound, the second is comfort, and the third is design. (as in, does it look cool?)



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The X10 are much better sounding than S4 and they offers deep punchy bass crisp clearer mids, and shows greater details in highs with fairly wide soundstage. The other IEMs like Yamaha EPH100, Sony EX600, JVC FXD80, SE215, GR07(used here on forum highly recomended), UE TF10Pro(highly recomended used here on forum) also good upgrade.

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Welcome to head-fi! I'm not the most experienced head-fiers out there, but I'll try my best.


First of all, Shure SE215 is still the most comfortable IEM I own; Shure foam tips is super comfy. Coupled with the fact that the sound signature is smooth and non-fatiguing, SE215 is my to-go IEM for long flights or long listening session. That being said, everyone's ears are created different, so even if it's super comfy for me, others might find the opposite.


Second, I can't really comment on design; It's way too subjective. Might be easier for you to just google and see for yourself~


Lastly, I can't really offer any recommendation sound-wise, since I have no idea what your sound preferences are. Here's what I do know :

- As far as I can remember, Klipsch X10 has, sound-wise, "consumer-friendly" sound signature a.k.a slightly bumped up bass. I could be wrong though, I've listened to X10 only a handful of times.

- SE215 also has slightly bumped up bass, prominent-ish mids and vocals, and toned-down treble.

- HF5, like other Etymotic, is generally analytical : It's clear-sounding, shows a lot of details in the recordings, but at the same time poorly recorded music or low quality music file tends to sound crap. Oh, and some people including me find that Etys IEM aren't that comfortable for extended use. Some also thinks that it is lacking in the bass department.


Anyways, try this thread, should give you some good ideas :


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I had both the HF5 and the se215. The hf5 has a clear sound but the se215 is quite fun to listen and I prefer the detachable cable. About the X10 I can't really tell. 

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Thanks for all the input, I really appreciate it!!!
After more research I ended up buying the Shure SE215 Limited Edition. (Love the color smily_headphones1.gif )
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Enjoy, the blue ones are very good, better than the original.
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Thanks so much!!!
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