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Hello guys, I wanted some no nonsense decent speakers for when I had company over so I picked up the Energy Take 5 speakers package and I have paired it with a pioneer SW-8 sub, Ill be using an old Sony receiver I recently acquired from my deceased uncle, I have been using 2 speakers in classic desktop speaker fashion paired to an AudioSource AMP-100 but my Monoprice pure copper cable just got here so its time to pull out the other speakers.

What would be the best placement in a room that is roughly 9ft x 14ft? and I also plan on eventually mounting these to the wall can anyone recommend good mounts for the Energy Take Classics? and ideally If I am mounting to the wall how far should the speakers be from the wall as they are rear port?

These may be a dumb questions but I am just getting started for speakers. Also if there is any sources of useful info pertaining to the energy takes (as they are a popular speaker) that may be helpful for future reference etc.