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Best around the ear headphone of 2013 for around $100

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I have been doing a little research the past few days to determine which set out there is the best for under/around $100 for my needs. I want a pair that works well with my Yamaha HTR 5990 while watching TV (movies and sports mostly) and listening to some music when I have time (from the Yamaha receiver as well as computers and listening devices). I listen to all genre and generations.  I need something comfortable, but durable, as I may wear them for extended periods of time while working at my desk or while traveling. I have a large head and maybe a little larger than average ears. After researching these are the ones that I have narrowed it down to. Feedback is greatly appreciated, but please KISS (keep it simple stupid :) Oh, I am not sure which to prefer when it comes to closed, open, or semi open, but I am relatively certain I want around the ear with plenty of cushion.  I have very good hearing, but I am not a musician. Just enjoy music a lot as well as movies.  Thank you for your time.


AKG Acoustics K-240 Semi Open Studio Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M40FS

Audio Technica ATH-AD700 Open-air

Audio Technica ATH-AD500 Full-Size Open-Air

Beyerdynamic DTX 710

Beyerdynamic DT 990

Beyerdynamic T 50 p 2nd generation

Grado *I have not found one that is around the ear in this price range. If you know differently, then please tell me.

Koss ProDJ100

Koss Pro-4AA

Koss MV1

Koss QZ-99

Sennheiser HD 439 Closed-Back

Sennheiser HD 429

Sennheiser HD 518 Open

Sony MDR ZX700

Sony MDR V6

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Welcome to head-fi

Sorry for your wallet


Joking aside: 





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Already read those. Wallet isn't the issue. Since I'm not a musician or dj I see no need in spending more. Plus i have 3 young kids that will probably destroy whatever i get. Just want a decent set for my amateur needs. I want a set good for movies and music that is comfortable and durable.
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Kids, movies, sports? You need closed back headphones.


As much as I don't want to, I have to say it: ATH-m50



On the cheap: 

Monoprice 8323 (they sound good)


If you feel the cable could be an issue with the kids:


They sell headphones with removable cables:

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The M50's seem like a good suggestion for your needs. They perform decently across various genres, are durable, and pretty comfortable, they also don't need any amp. I don't really see how you could go wrong with the M50's as entry level cans, for around $120 bucks it's a great deal.

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Thanks for the feedback! I don't plan for my kids to use the headphone set that I purchase. I would love to have a pair that the surround sound (Dolby) sounds nice.
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What about Shure SRH-440? Also Beyerdynamic seems high quality (made in Germany?)
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Where are the Audio-Technica ATHM50S made? Taiwan or China most likely???
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You should set a budget.

I like all the Beyers but they are pricier I think (I liked the Beyer 770) Try buying from authorized dealers. Counterfeits M50 these days can be found on ebay.

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Originally Posted by Sipsey Bandit View Post


Best around the ear headphone of 2013


I lol'd, we're a week in.

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Uh yeah it is 2013...
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Isn't Beyer made in Germany?
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All Beyer products are made in Germany. 


Check this one:



Is used but its a good deal. 

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Thanks for all the feedback thus far...I am headed to try some sets out at a few music stores.

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