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Of course, I like the Russian tubes quite a bit, but that doensn't mean you will. I find their performance to sit the fence between the Germany and Chinese ones. The differences between each aren't world-changing, but are noticeable and you will likely find a favourite. The Telefunken valves are interesting, too.


Just wanted to say that I received the Siemens & Russian Military tubes today from ALO!


I've done some swapping back and forth and initial impressions are that I'm leaning towards the Siemens.


Definitely better lower end w/ the Russian tubes but I'm really liking the clarity/detail in the mid-to-highs, enhanced sound-stage and imaging of the Siemens atm.


I'd currently rank them in the following order of preference:


1. Siemens 

2. Russian

3. Stock


I also wanted to say I found the difference between the stock tubes and Siemens to be pretty significant... Very happy out of the box!


I may update again once I've had a chance to listen more but thought I'd post initial impressions in case anybody's interested. 

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