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For those who like "design," this design seems brilliant.  You definitely won't like it if you're into traditional forms/want something not to distract your eye.


On that note, I hope there will be a function to dim the display.  I'm sure, if I get one, that there will be days I would just want to stare down its gorgeous, mirror-finished fascia into oblivion, hopefully remembering to take breaks to wipe the drool off my chin, but that there will also be other days I would want to darken the lights so as to concentrate instead on work, movie watching, etc.  With BMC's design-forward product nature, I would expect a dimmable display.

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It's pretty ugly no matter what angle or day you view it on. Hopefully the sound is good though.
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Alright. We get it. We got it the first time you said it. You think it's ugly. Now let the rest of us enjoy the gear?

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I love the design of their DAC1 Pre, but I'm not a huge fan of this one. The circle is too big.
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Love the design.

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Don't get me wrong, I don't hate it. I still think it looks okay. I really wish they'd made it a 'mini' DAC -1 Pre and put some analog ins as well, but either way the potential for this unit is high.


Price point seems a bit 'too good to be true' though.

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Originally Posted by MorbidToaster View Post


Price point seems a bit 'too good to be true' though.

Have the same feeling, but am wooed by its looks. Sound means nothing! redface.gif I'll just add the OR5 at a later date. wink_face.gif

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It is nice to see someone trying out something other than a box, a polished box, or a box with tubes stuck on the top.  Even though it was an April Fool's joke I loved the look of the Schiit Glo.

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Internal pics




Headamp section is huge... lol

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Beasty. And this thing just keeps getting pushed back to a later and later date. :/

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All things considered, I ended up getting a Dangerous Music Source. Solid reputation and I feel a good value at $900.
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Nice find palchiu, thank you for sharing!
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Thanks indeed. I wonder if that's still a pre-production model for review, or the actual final product... I'm really interested but a couple of things start to worry me:


- Style-wise (minor): What's with the green fake-jade plastic corners & strips, of all the choices available tongue_smile.gif?


At least it seems from the powered-up pics that they dropped the glowing corners (which may be the reason for the plastic in the first place?)


But seriously:


- Component-wise (the biggie): for all I can tell from the internal pics, they are actually using ribbon cables to transfer the final amplified signal to the actual XLR connectors (pre-out & headphone)??? Esp. in light of the rest of the componentry! Ribbon cables are great for control panels etc., but to carry the resulting analog audio? It would be funny if some of the cable guys wax poetic about the sound improvements of their expensive, thick, pure copper/silver cables when the signal delivered to the respective connector is actually via a chintzy, unshielded ribbon cable with wires a tiny fraction of a millimeter thick...


I'm not too obsessed with cabling, but that seems like an odd choice. Who knows, maybe this too is from a pre-production model. I have no interest in the DSD capability since I don't plan to go down that route, but am interested in the power delivery of the integrated headphone section which might make for a nice all-in-one solution even for more demanding headphones. I guess I'll hold off on an order pending some reviews around here of the final product...

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