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Originally Posted by preproman View Post


Digital volume control?  

Yes probably. Also the rear shows no preamp inputs so the preamp module of the DAC1 is missing. Considering the price being $1600 I don't think anything else is possible.
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anybody happen to know the size/dimensions of this promising piece of audio gear?

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Looks like they are working on firmware so that the PureDac can do DSD.

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Doesn't look to be DSD. But pre-orders are live via Moon

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Is anyone else confused by the single 3-pin XLR on the front?


Initially the thought of having a built in amp was nice, now BMC's choice seems just stupid.



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It was a stand in component for the pictures. They didn't have any 4 pins at the time.
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Originally Posted by Maxvla View Post

It was a stand in component for the pictures. They didn't have any 4 pins at the time.

I saw a Chinese version with 4-pin, but all other have been 3-pin. 

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4-Pin HP out.

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Originally Posted by drubrew View Post

Here is some more info from BMC. 


Dimensions: 365 x 103 x 320 mm
Output Impedance:
    Balanced headphone < 1 Ohm
    Standard headphone about 100 Ohm*
* This is a new approach of a quasi balanced standard output with a floating mono GND. It sound clearly more quiet and dynamic compared to the standard solution.
Upsampling: None! Asynchronous upsampling is always a sound degrading procedure unless you need to reject a bigger amount of Jitter.
USB: Asynchronous of course, going even further: We managed to use a unified clock for the Sabre DAC and the USB, so the internal Sabre DPLL isn't needed.
DSD: One reason for the delay is the implementation of DSD. Hope it will be finished quickly.

The headphone amp has a very unique approach. Of course it uses our LEF circuit, therefore it is a single ended class A performance without a feedback loop. The amp itself is a part of the DAC's I/V converter, so the DAC goes directly to power without any extra stage. Usually you wouldn't use big transistors for a headphone amp due to their capacitive load and bandwidth; but in this configuration we need to perform the bandwidth limiting of the I/V converter. This means PureDAC is using 8A output devices (!!!) of a special and rare kind: Lateral MOSFET, known for fantastic sound quality (you can see by the specs), but having some problems of delivering very high power due to saturation limitations, which is true for speaker but never for headphone drive.
This is why we can enjoy all the sonic beauty of this solution without any drawback, and also dare to offer an output impedance close to zero, delivering a fantastic control!
The XLR line out uses an LEF vertical DMOS-FET stage. Unique and challenging any preamp available regardless of the price. 

PureDAC is designed for balanced use and any other use would be a waste. It is true high end and should be used and combined accordingly - once you see an inside photo you will understand how different it is.

Concerning the power it simply a question of impedance. The voltage range is always the same and due to the very low output impedance just the headphone determines the maximum power by it's current request. For low impedances like 32 Ohms you better don't use the very high volume levels.

PureDAC features our exclusive DIGM, so you don't need to worry about impedance / gain matching of headphones.



It has DSD decode

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Thanks, palchiu. I sent Drew an email inquiring about specs and innard shots.


Super interested in this DAC, but I have to admit, its whole marketing/release has felt sloppy.

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Release pushed back until June. 

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Originally Posted by paradoxper View Post

Release pushed back until June. 


lol DSD problem not solve?

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Originally Posted by palchiu View Post


lol DSD problem not solve?

Nope. From what I understand this is part of the delay. It still all feels sloppy.

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Proof will be in the pudding. I want it to be horrendously good, but BMC is an odd duck for sure. We'll see how this one works out...


EDIT: Also, Para...I passed on a vinyl copy of your avatar last night and I now regret it. Might go back after pay day and see if it's still there.

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For now I've picked up an M51. One of the biggest draws to the Pure DAC for me is its aesthetics.


It's a pretty good album. Full of much anger which brings my ears pleasure. Hope it's still available if you go back for it.

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