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Headphone for a big head that sounded similar to Dynaudio ?

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hi, im new here and i'm ready to "burn my wallet" well, not so much as i'm still new :)

anyway i've got some question and need some recommendations, so please guide me here.


i have few audio source , it's not high end just normal audio source, i still don't know which one will give me the greatest and cleanest output.

-Apple Macbook Pro

-Apple iPad 3rd Gen

-Apple iPhone 4s

-Apple iPod Nano 6th Gen

-HTC EVO 4G LTE (it's the same as HTC one X only for CDMA network) with Beats !!! in other sites this feature will be praised but in this site i know i will be bashed :P

actually i still have my beloved Apple iPod Classic 3rd Gen , but the battery went dead :( 


and i also just purchased headphone amp the Fiio e02.


i only have 2 earphones at the moment, 

of course the legendary apple iBuds


Audio-Technica ATH-CM7Ti which i really love i bought it long time ago , it's been my only earphones and i really like them

but too bad they already showing some age, and i really want to buy a headphone .

i prefer earphones to the IEM because im those person that can't use IEMs , the cable makes some noiese when it touches my body and i really dont like the way they feel in my ears.


i listened to mostly top 40 songs, 90's pop, sentimental, slows, mellow songs (kenny rogers, kenny loggins, david foster album kind of music),  RnB, Hip Hop, country, and Jazz.

i don't do rock nor classical.

about the Audio-Technica ATH-CM7Ti, i feel the sound is edequate for me,

a liilte bit too bright and a little bit lack of bass punch

well i'm obviously not an audiophile.

but i really want a good quality headphone, that's why i rather asking this question here, than to buy the notorious Beats.


i dont have home proffesional stereo or something i only use Bose to listened around the house because i seldom just sit infront of speaker to listen to it, i prefer it to be headphone than speaker.

but i installed quite a system in my car because i travel a lot in my car.

my car set up is 


Alpine Head unit with DVD and touchscreen + PXA time alingment DSP

2 way system 

tweeter : DynAudio Esotar that i had since i was young :)

mid baaa : Scan Speak Revelator

Sub woofer : Kicker Solo Baric L7 12"

driven full active with 3 Brax graphic edition Amplifier


well i love the sound in my car.

my installer says that the front speakers and tweeter setting is more of an sound quality setting

while the Sub woofer is more to SPL setting

because i like this kind of set up.

-warm sounding

-not too bright tweeter but still quite open ( i hate super bright and super detail tweeter, and dynaudio esotar is famous to be quite warm sounding dark tweeter)

-quick and punchy bass without too much low end boominess. ( i like my bass to be fast, punchy, but without boominess found on those beats

-and i choose scan speak revelator mid because they are very warm sounding as well and punchy too for a mid bass, they're 7"



so i want to buy a head phone ,

i prefer it to be closed and full sized i have quite a big head, and not all headphones fit me,

yesterday, for instance, i tried the audio technica M50 and they fit me all right, tried the Ultimate ears and shure 840 and they are comfortable too, i tried Beats Detox and the grip my ear too tight resulting in an uncomfortable fit, i tried vmoda M80 and the head phone doesnt have enough length to cover my head, i set it to the longest but still it cant fit my head properly, resulting in poor sealing and sound. so i've decided to buy "over the ear" and not "on ear"



what i'm looking in a headphone:

-about $200 - $300

-Like i said above , i like they to sounded warm mid, not too bright high, punchy and fast bass, without boominess. maybe an headphoen that have dynaudio "colours", i always like the sound signatures of dynoudio.

-comfortable for long usage

-can accomodate my "large head"

-i preffer them to run good without an amp, as i don't like to carry many stuff when i travel, i already have my ipad, iphone and android phone to carry. (but if the amp is small like the Fiio e02, i might not mind it at all )

-looks good (well this is not too important but i don't want too look like a ****** bag when wearing 'em on the road, especially when most of other people wearing their great looking Beats)



i've done my research a little bit and i've few candidates in mind

but i still need a valid opinion or recommendation so that i can have the "correct one for my tastes"



-Audio Technica M50

-Focal Spirit One

-Aiaiai TM1

-V Moda M100

-Ultimate ears UE6000 

-Ultimate ears UE9000 (if the bluetooth can really give me a good sound quality, other wise i'll better off with cabled headphones)

-Beyerndynamics DT-770

-AKG 550


any other brand and model also will be considered,

i just need opinions of experts here, so please feel free to direct me to the correct path and burn my wallet with all of you in this great site :P

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Hello! I had replied you in Innerfidelity. Anywhere, here's what I said:



Let me just say this, I have excatly the same taste as you! Tongue [Not sure if you are coping me or the other way round] xD

Anyway, I manage to audition few headphones that you had listed above. ATH-M50 has horrible soundstage and too much bass + recessed mids. Focal Spirit One are too not a good choice. UE6000 has again, recessed mids and since you are not looking for active noise canceling headphone let's cut it out of your list xD Most bluetooth headphones are more expensive and sound less good compared to wired. UE9000 are no exception[to me].

V-Moda M100 from what Tyll had said, the lows are strong, punchy and well controlled. Highs are sparky but the mids are laid back.

Here's the star of the show, K550! Believe it or not? I went to my local headphone shop and spent 3 hours inside trying different headphones that best suit my needs. After trying around 10 headphones, I come back to the K550 and find it the best choice. I even prefer these over HD800(No, I'm not drunk). I just find HD800 sound "too serious." It's open and leak sound + the price tag really put me down. K550 has open soundstage and excellent details with tight and punchy lows. Mids are warm and highs are not too bright neither is it recessed. It's perfect. Clear sound. Overall I don't think I ever audition any such headphone with such extreme sound and there's no grainy sound detected. Perfectly clean! However, driving it with my old iPod Nano that had been repaired a few numbers of times to keep it running, it does not have enough power to even turn up the volume Shock I would recommend an E6 to go with it & don't worry! E6 are tinny with handful of power for it's size and price.

In case you find K550 are too masive and might requires an amp, the Sony MDR-1R are my second choice for you. Overall flat sound overall. It's very stylish to me[I have bad eye for "fashion" and never care about fashion] but these impress me! No amp required. 


Just my 2cent and hope you found the right one for you Laughing out loud

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thx for the reply


i'll try the 550 first and update again

as for the looks actually i'm leaning towards the


and the Vmoda M100

they look so good :P


but too bad i can't audiotion them as the stores here doesnt have them currently :(

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UE6000 are mostly made of cheap plastic(something like what you have with Beats but better in quality). MDR-1R are mostly made out of aluminium (I think?). My take would be MDR-1R when it comes to sound compare to UE. smily_headphones1.gif
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^ No the 1R is mostly plastic as well. Sony can't be kind enough to sell something with a pure aluminum chassis for 299. But still the 1R is a great choice at this price range.

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Originally Posted by LinkPro View Post

^ No the 1R is mostly plastic as well. Sony can't be kind enough to sell something with a pure aluminum chassis for 299. But still the 1R is a great choice at this price range.

Hmm... I think you are right... but it does feels like aluminium to me...lol... 

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