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BX5; BX8 or A5

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Hi, I am looking to buy a pair of self-powered speakers, and need some advice in making a final decision for them.


they have to be a bit versatile.


Usage 1 (ca. 50%) will be mainly in a family room, where they will serve as speakers for a 40" TV. Sitting is aprox. 2.5 meters from the TV. I do not need surround system since we have a large Projector screen and surround system already in another room. Listening to movies as well as music concerts.


Usage 2 (ca. 25%) will be in the same room, but to listen to music. Mostly CD/FLAC quality.


Usage 3 (ca. 25%) will be to listen to music on an outside Patio, basically as outdoor speakers.


With this in mind, I originally had looked for the A5+ speakers, but looking into those discovered the BX5; and then when about to purchase those, turns out the BX8 might be a better thing due to the larger bass. I will never couple this speakers with a subwoofer. They have to remain a "moveable / portable" setup.


the thing is, I am in europe and prices here are a bit different..


basically 200 EUR for the BX5 D2, then  300 EUR for the BX8 D2 and 400 EUr for the A5. Price wise it would seem the BX8 to be a no-brainer, but since I have no chance to listen to them in comparisson, wanted to ask for any of your advice on this.


thanks a lot for your help!

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Hello, guess no one has heard this bunch in comparisson? thanks!

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