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Need help buying new headset

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Im looking to buy a new headset which will be used for movies, gaming and music. I need them to have exceptional surround sound above all and be able to support multiple formats like dts and dd etc. This will be my first buy so I need help deciding what to get.
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Do you need a headset or headphone (eg. built in mic or not)?

Got any sound card?

What do you listen to, and which kind of sound do you prefer?

How will you use it most, what is most important?


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If you're looking for a gaming headset, try and stay away from Razer, that's all I have to say, their products are so unbelievably over-priced that it wouldn't be worth it. Try Platronics or Corsair, they make some decent sounding gaming headphones with mics, Logitec isn't half bad either.

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Looking for a headset. Not really bothered about the mic it will be used mostly with my xbox and tv. The most important thing for me would be soundstage abd being able to tell the direction and distance of sounds.
Ive been reading a few forums and having a stereo headset with mixamps seems to be the more favorable option.
The sennheiser hd650 came up alot in the forums. How much would it be with a mixamp? And are all mixamp s surround sound?
Budget is around $400
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You should pm madlustenvy. He is the local gaming hp expert around here to my knowledge.



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Thanks, iv decided to go for the hd598 with 5.8 mixamp.
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Interesting. What kind of sound do you want in the first place? Lots of bass, lots of highs, or just a neutral 'phone? The hd598 might not be the most 'fun' headphone

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Originally Posted by CoffeeBurger View Post

Thanks, iv decided to go for the hd598 with 5.8 mixamp.

WELL it looks like you already decided on what I was going to recommend. LOL the HD598s has amazing soundstage. You will NOT regret this purchase. ENJOY!



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Thanks for the help guys


Will the wireless 5.8 astro mixamp work with the sennheisser (does it have a wired connection for the hd598)? Or do i have to get the wired (a40) mixamp?

And also if i wanted optimum music quality out of the headset, will the 5.8 mixamp be sufficient or would i need a different amp......i know....im a noob lol

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ofc you can connect the senn and the mixamp...

The sound quality will not be optimal, but I guess it should be plenty good enough since the hd598 shouldn't be hard to drive. You know many of us here on head-fi spend more on a dedicated amp than you are going to spend on the setup...

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Not really familiar with treble, highs, lows. As long as everything sounds clear ill be happy.

The main thing i wanted was good soundstage/surround sound so that when i put on the headset i feel immersed in the game/movie scenarios.

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Think you have made a good choice then :P

I don't know anything about the mixamp though... Have a look at the link I postedearlier if you havn't already. Mad Lust Envy has a section on the mixamp and alternatives

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LOL HAHA.....i know. Some of the prices for headsets and amps are crazy!

I was willing to pay more but Mad lust envy's gaming guide said the hd598's were great for what i wanted.

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yh i had a look at the mix amp section. still dont know if ill be able to connect it. its already on the way now so ill just have to see for myself

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