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Denon AH-C250

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Has anyone had a listen to these yet? Was all set to buy the yamaha eph-100's til I saw these and they look fantastic. I have no idea what they sound like obviously, but I was wondering if anyone else has had a listen. Have a set of D-1001's from Denon and I like them. Thanks in advance for any knowledge that can be bestowed on me.

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I didn't try these but iam surprise not many try these Denon IEMs and write reviews here. IMO Denon C300 are bass monster in earbuds with tight punchy impactful bass which is more than Sennheiser IE80, UE 5EB in power and amount but it shows great clarity in mids and highs even more than IE80. I hope someone try these soon and write reviews because i find Denon full-size headphones and IEMs are great sounding for the price.
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If you are liking the EPH-100 descriptions and the D1001, I am not sure if you would like the C-250. Few buy them cause they are expensive for a single balanced armature. Denon calls them "audiophile" and "acoustically pure" which translates in the real world to less bass than you are expecting. These will not give you bass like the EPH or the 1001 though we have no real impressions of these.


Quote from Denon of the sound tuning:

"Denon’s Music Maniac™ AH-C250 In-Ear Headphones are highly machined and tuned to a flat EQ."

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The model Denon AH-C250 Maniac is good?

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