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WTB: Replacement cable for Stax SR-001 (both pro-bias and SRM-001 connectors wanted)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Ok so I recently got myself a good deal on ebay on a good condition SRM-001 + SR-001 combo knowing that one of the wirees of the cable have been split open revealing the inner wires but taped up by the seller. It still works but it does not look perfect which is something I want. I know these cables are replaceable as it is detachable from the earbud speaker itself.


Audiocubes doesn't seem to stock any more replacement cables, so anyone who has a used or brand new cable that is terminated to pro-bias (as found on the SR-003) and/or SRM-001 headphone adaptor termination, please pm me. Also please pm me if your willing to ship to Australia as well, shipping will be paid by me.