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For Sale:
Wyred 4 sound DAC-1 (210-260V/50hz)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi Guys,


Up for sale is a W4S DAC-1 real great bang for the buck DAC, pretty much a W4S DAC-2 without all the extra bells and whistles, and different output caps. They allegedly sound the same from what I've read.


I prefer this over the major players under $1k I've owned/heard some of which include the Apogee mini dac, Benchmark DAC-1, Apogee DA10, Stello DA100, and Yulong D100. 


It's in very good condition, the only thing stopping it from being mint condition is a small area on the top of the dac that is ever so slightly lighter than the area surrounding it. This is barely noticeable as show in the photo with the green circle outlining (hurray for ms paint!) . I felt like I should mention this as I'm very anal with the cosmetic condition of my gear.


The DAC will come with all original packaging and will be shipped worldwide at the buyers expense. Pickup is also available. If you are in Australia I will include a standard IEC connector if needed.