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Etymotic HF5 portable amp?

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I've had my HF5s for about 2 years an love the accuracy and detail.

The lack of bass I've tolerated, but am willing to try out an amp that would give me that extra "push" on the low end, as well as give the overall sound signature a bit more color. Granted I am not bass head (which made me get these phones in the first place ) but would definitely want unlock the full potential of these phones.I would be using the headphones primarily on an iphone4s and iPod classic 8th gen.

So far I've seen the cmoy bb0y v2.03 and numerous fios amps.

I'm willing to spend up to $75.

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The Fiio E11 is pretty good sounding AMPs for the price and it will improve the bass on HF5 if you add Fiio Cryo dock cable.
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