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Not sure if many folks here remember the Red Wine Audio iMod or not? It was an ipod modification that redirected the the ipod signal straight from the old wolfson DAC chips they used to do and out through a black gate capacitor. It turns the ipod into a very impressive source. But it can only be used with an amp through the headphone jack, the dock output is disabled.


I mostly use it plugged into a stereo but wouldn't mind being able to use it with headphones as well. But have sold all my portable amps. So, the reason for this thread is looking for suggestions for the cheapest/smallest portable amp that takes 1/8" input. The FiiO E1 would be perfect but of course plugs into the dock. Is there anything similar either plugs into the headphone jack or can be used with a mini-mini cable? It doesn't need to sound great, just pass the source through without coloration.