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Just an FYI guys, the Accudio Pro app was updated a couple days ago with a new theme and what appears to be stability fixes. I've been using it today with a pair of Ety ER4S' and so far the app is a lot more stable and easier to use!
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Yes a few days ago I updated the app and it looks much better than the iOs4 style it recently had smily_headphones1.gif
But I went with the modern times and use mainly Spotify. Don't have the time and nerv to buy...load...sync...etc... smily_headphones1.gif
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Finally....thanks for the update...keep up the good work and continue the ongoing support.

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Still no Android version?

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Audyssey's music player seems to do the same thing. I like the audyssey one better because of its ui and stability. I can't say too much about the sound because the only headphone i've compared both programs with is the apple earpods (i like the audyssey a bit better but they're probably pretty much identical). The audyssey player gives you 30 min free for each headphone you own and then it costs $1.99 to unlock the eq for that headphone.
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I would like to put flac files into the Accudio, but can't find the Accudio directory in the "Apps" tab in iTunes, OS X Yosemite 10.10.

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I downloaded Accudio Pro a few days ago and have been playing around with it since then.  Overall I am very impressed with its capability to improve the sound of some of my less-than-hifi headphones.  For example, they make my Creative Aurvana Gold headphones (which I previously used for voice only) usable with music.  And they also tweak the sound of my better headphones like the HD 598s - adding a touch of bass.


Biggest gripes:

- The References settings are not normalized, in some cases ridiculously so.  For example, I downloaded the Creative Live headphone settings since the Aurvana Gold file doesn't exist - but using this lowers the overall loudness by 10dB!  I'll have my iPhone 6 loudness at max a lot if using this preset.  All of the Reference settings I've downloaded reduce the output by at least 5 dB.  Not good at all.

- The "More Sound Setting" under Reference does not work at expected.  I tried to increase all frequencies by 10dB for the Creative Live setting above, but it didn't increase overall loudness but instead made a very sibilant shrill sound.

- No way to delete a Reference setting short of deleting / redownloading the app and starting from scratch.


To me the first two issues may be deal breakers.  I may end up using this app just for the Custom equalization (using Accudio's graphs to determine the settings).


EDIT - I have now also had a chance to try Equalizer and I will probably stick with this.  Only 7 bands (vs. 10 for Accudio) but the in actual use as a music player Equalizer is the best.

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I've been using this app for some time and I am quite happy with it.

As a classical music listener, it would be most enjoyable if the "Artists" field could be changed/configured to show "Album Artist" from iTunes.

Is it possible?



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Just downloaded Accudio Pro for my iPhone 6+.  


Everytime I go to add another reference mode, for any headphone I want to emulate, it changes every Reference plus simulation seeing to the last simulation I chose.


I paid $4.99 to be able to save dozens of simulations for each of my headphones, and play around like that, to get ideas of every different sound signature before blind buying even more phones.


Sucks that i have to constantly re-edit anytime I want to simulate a different Headphone.

I thought compiling this list would allow me to toggle thru many different simulations during live playback of music.




Apple EarPods to Etymotic ER-4S seems like such a useful tool to identify hiss and vinyl noise on the go, to later remove with Izotope RX4 ADV.  But overtime I select ER-4S (or any other simulation source on the list) it re-edits every single Saved sound setting, each of which had different simulation headphones (k3003, etc).


Someone either tell me I'm an idiot and missed some setting, or that Accudio is working to fix this.

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Also routinely stops playin playlists, and gives me an error message:

"File not found or license invalid"
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I liked it. Then decided it was just a gimmick...with no updates.
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Originally Posted by alpha80 View Post

Also routinely stops playin playlists, and gives me an error message:

"File not found or license invalid"

This has been also my issue.

Quite often with the latest update. Hope someone from golden years is reading here.

It is really annoying the player stoping between tracks with such message,

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Why is this not more popular?
Amazing app. Seriously worth the $6.49 and more. 
Has the ability to turn an decent IEM to something spectacular :)

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Its not popular because updates are rare. The eq doesn't really make them into great headphones- it just gives a different sound and that is refreshing for a time.
A change is as good as a holiday.
Better to get actual great headphones/iems and a source to really get a difference.

It is good fun for lower to mid level gear smily_headphones1.gif
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I find EQ really does turn earphones into great earphones now... don't know why I didn't experiment before. For example, the IM70 is overly bassy - tuned it near to the reference curve and it blew me away with it's openness and the details sprung to life. Ofc, higher end IEMs wouldn't really need this app :P It functions as a nice 'automatic' EQ app I'd say.

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