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For Sale: EACE SIV-11 LOD (apple)

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For Sale:
EACE SIV-11 LOD (apple)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Used approximately 30 hours. In mint condition. Buyer to pay PayPal fees free shipping through USPS in the US. I will ship outside the US however buyer will pay for the shipping and choose the shipping method.

Details Below

EACE SIV-11 Line-Out-Dock (LOD) cable

for iPod/iPad/iPhone.

Compitable with ALL Apple iDevices!

EACE used the best Materials:
- Four 24 AWG Pure stranded Silver plated 7N Cryo - Copper wire: more Flexibility, Durability and for an Excellent Sound sensation.
- Braided wires: against Critical Bending and a Nice Look.
- Viablue 3,5mm jack connector: Strong, Durable and Gold Plated.
- Heatshrink: cable Protection, and increase Durability.
- Epoxy: to Protect the soldered connection for more Durability.
- High Quality (gold plated) dock connector.
- The LOD cable is 4,5 inches long: from End to End.

EACE is proud to present the 'SIV-11' LOD cable. As an electrical engineer and an audiophile, I pay a lot of attention to quality, looks, durability and details, so this LOD is of Excellent Quality and has a Professional Look. I really take my Time to make them and put a lot of Pride in each one.
Every EACE product is tested with several Apple products before I ship them to you.

Compitable Apple products tested:
- iPod Classic:
4th Generation.
5th Generation.
6th Generation.
- iPod Touch:
1st Generation.
2nd Generation.
3th Generation.
4th Generation.
- iPod Nano:
4th Generation.
5th Generation.
6th Generation.
- iPod mini:

2nd Generation.
- iPhone:

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