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Hey everyone, 


I am not exactly sure if this threat belongs here or in the IEM section, so I'm going to give it a shot, please, forgive me if it's not in the right one. 

I have a pair of Westone 3, which I love to every bit, until the day that the right ear stopped working. Upon inspection I found out that it's probably the end that goes into the tip that is faulty, since it might work sometime when I move the cable around. So I did my research and apart from buying a replacement pair from Westone, I have two options:


1) send it to BTG Audio and ask Bryan to mod them into a pair of IEM with replaceable cable, which would cost me around 110$


2) send it to Unique Melody and have them reshelled (which I read somewhere should do the trick) and that would cost me I think around 180$+


3) ? Maybe just sell them for cheaper and get a different pair of IEMs (thinking of VSonic gr07)



I am by no means an expert in this field, rather, quite a newbie on head-fi, so I'd rather ask you guys for your opinion. What do you thin is a better solution/ is there another alternative/ or should I just sell them and get a different pair? 


Thanks so much for any help, I hope someone can help me.