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New isolation earbuds

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Hi people! I am looking for some iems that i can use when i dont want to use the K550. The price could be up to 100$ and must ship to norway. I also want some that has good isolation (around 30-40 db). For what ive seen there is Audio-Technica - ATH-ANC23 shure 215 and some etymotics. My genre is mostly classic rock pop and some hip-hop. Sorry for my bad english and thanks for helping
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I've been using the Etymotic MC3 for some time (air travel, etc.) and it offers very good isolation.

Sound is very clean and precise.  For my taste, very good.  Looks like you can order from Etymotic website... some models $30 off through 15Jan2013:

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Thanks for reply ^_^ but one question are these some you would use warrenty on (gets destroyd easly) ? because I loses it here in Norway :/

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In terms of build quality, i've found these to be good.  Further, I always carry mine in an ample wallet-sized case so they are protected during travel.  Mine still look new.  So I didn't find that an extra warranty was needed....


They are supplied with multiple tips.  For me, the smaller three-flange silicon tip gave the best sound.  They come with a small case... but I find it too small.

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