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Thanks, again, to Wayne for posting the Cloudkicker link on another thread.....purchased! A great find miceblue! If anyone has any other suggestions in the same vein please post beerchug.gif
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These are some of my favourite free flac albums from the awesome and whacky ektoplazm website. Enjoy!:




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subscribed ;)

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Ok, nick n pointed me to this Van Cini track:



The style they have down for it is "musty clam" - whatever the heck that is lol! Sounds kind of "glitch-like" to me, but what do I know. Anyway, it's pretty cool electronic music, with a lot of cool bass going on.


The download is a ".wav" file at 1411kbps, so I hope it falls within the thread's regulations!

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If you like hip hop with offbeat literary references:



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Hi to all,

This is my second time to view a thread on head-fi and purposely joined just now to say thank you, StratocasterMan, for these free FLAC files. I really like listening to music (and discovering new artists, as well) and would like to know how I can maximize my listening experience. I am a 'shiny', as veteran Stormtroopers put it. Thank you, again.

P.S. The Cowboy junkies are great.  

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I've been avoiding this thread like the plague due to the FLAC exclusivity and strange discrimination of all other formats, including other lossless codecs like ALAC and the obvious uncompressed alternatives like WAV and AIFF. I personally don't use FLAC and have a strong dislike for the acronym itself; just saying the word out loud disgusts me. But I've finally decided to look past the four-letter word in the thread's title for the better good and share some of my findings with you.


Below you'll find a bunch of name-your-price Bandcamp releases that can be downloaded for free in the format of your choosing simply by entering "0" in the price field and selecting the format from the pull-down menu. There's so much more I could have included, but I simply had to draw the line somewhere. Since I am aware that this is quite a lot of music to try to digest all at once, I've selected five releases that I would consider to be some of my biggest personal favorites and ones everyone should definitely check out and placed those at the top.


I hope you enjoy at least some of these, and if you do please do consider donating even a modest sum to the artists to show your support and to encourage them to keep doing what they do.


Aesthesys - Ascendere



Exist Strategy - Dreamcatcher



Miyuki - The Android's Dream / アンドロイドの夢 EP



Rebecca Brandt - Numbers & Shapes



Zef - Ground Zero




Rosetta - The Anaesthete



Miyuki - Early Mystery



Miyuki - Ghostly Vibes



Miyuki - Shokunin / 職人



Miyuki - Kenjutsu / 剣術 EP



Roughquest - Hybrid EP



Leonard Hummer - And the Nuclear Soundwaves



DJ Ten - Zioneon EP



theStark - ////



aivi & surasshu - The Black Box









shanebro - Where Hearts and Minds Collide



chipzel - Fragments


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@TJ Elite, awesome man! I'm just starting to check them out, but I can tell that these are going to be treasures. Thank you so much for looking past your disgust for the "F" word this one time lol!


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Jeez TJ Elite, thanks for those.  

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So far in my forays into TJ Elite's picks, I have really enjoyed


Aesthesys - Ascendere



Exist Strategy - Dreamcatcher



Rebecca Brandt - Numbers & Shapes



Then I went on a bandcamp tangeant, and this one is great if you like your bass:


Actraiser - Phantomile EP


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I don't know if this site has been mentioned here or not, but I think it's worth a sticky/bookmark for people. WAV/FLAC/MP3 all available.


free and legal psytrance, techno, and downtempo music

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This is a very enjoyable EP of "alternative indie pop" that is definitely going to get repeated listenings from me:




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Wow - another great indie folk EP: cannibal king by yesper


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Awesome Wayne!
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