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Hank Hobson — Train In The Woods


Is it possible to travel not leaving your favourite armchair? Yes, it is, if there is "Train In The Woods" mini-album playing in your headphones. From a desolate railway station lost in the woods, where there is not a living soul present, just the wind whistling in the posts and rare through trains break the silence, an old train will take you around our mighty country, and you will be dreaming about all the places you haven't visited yet to the rhythmical throbbing of the wheels. And eventually you will find yourself on the coast of the ocean, breaking its waves against the deserted shore, day and night, and this will be the end of your trip.


Release mini-album | Bandcamp | Internet Archive


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linus and amy - unhinged - the remixes



This remix EP will be available for free from now till Christmas, I believe. You can find the original EP here (not free).

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Retro synth concept album

Retro Promenade

Batman of the Synth cover art

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Contrapasso, which stands as either my favorite or second favorite Symbion Project album, is now name-your-price.


Symbion Project - Contrapasso



CONTRAPASSO is the second album in a trilogy of analog synthesizer music that was begun with the 2007 release of Wound Up By God or the Devil. 

CONTRAPASSO is loosely inspired by Dante's Inferno and features my good friend Melissa R Kaplan of the band Universal Hall Pass on a cover of the Dead Can Dance song "Enigma of the Absolute" along with 8 original compositions



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Downtempo female vocal


Dust Red Skies

Dust Red Skies cover art

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Post rock instrumental


And Star Collide

The Courage to Start Again cover art

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Acoustic pop vocal


Steven Blossom

Derelict cover art

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