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Any reviews on these? Can buy them cheap on dutch website at 50€

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Can't find any too...

Dweaver, where is your mini-review?  :wink_face:

Are they any good or did you return these 'monsters'?

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I don't know about other countries, but here right now in canada, Future Hop is selling these for $49.99. A real bargain in my opinion.

Just thought i'd let you know

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Natural is what they sound like and for the price they are being sold at now get them while they last😎
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Any users, any reviews?

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The universal ControlTalk Version is only US 54.69 at amazon, does it worth taking the plunge?

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According to the following review they are somewhat mid-hi centric ://www.chipchick.com/2012/12/diesel-vektr-in-ear-headphones.htm 

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Gratitudes were also without any great reviews, but with a good pair of tips, they are top-tiers:)
Also some head-fiers has a good words about Nergy, cheap but great. 
As for me, i like Monster sound.

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I bought them yesterday, for 215NIS (~62 USD).

I'm not an audiophile, so my definitions aren't as detailed and precise as reviews by more experienced members:


Sound Quality - Natural sound, bit bright for my taste, bass and mids are both non-impressive (I have no better way to say it, other than non-impressive). If I would describe the general feeling of using them - nothing in the sound makes me happy using this particular in-ear, but nothing makes me angry about the sound either (unlike some headphones which sound I just cannon stand, i.e. most closed on-ears which aimed for bass lovers).


Built - meh. cheap plastic, looks like it's going to break if it will remain in my pockets, outside the little bag it comes with. It does look OK tho.


Compared to my in-ear/earbuds:


- Meelectronics m16p - overall better sound. Bass go deeper, more emphasized but not overwhelming. the overall listening experience was better and the only reason I bought the Monster is because these broke.


- Marshall Minor - Better - much more detailed, mids are almost perfect (but not as good as full-size headphones I like - the Sony CD-380 and Sony MA-900). Almost no bass at all, and no isolation. I've read a reviewer claiming that with proper isolation the bass is good - What proper isolation? It's not an in-ear and you can't get them to proper isolate unless you use your hands to actively push them inside your ears. I use these as my office in-ears, they work very well in such environments. I prefer them to the Monster sound and I grew to like them over the last year, even if bass is non-existent. highs are nothing to talk about, but are ok enough.


Hope it helps :)

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I have had these for about 6 months. I got them when the price dropped on Amazon.  When I first used them, I agree there was nothing special at all about these.  I had some comply tips laying around.  I put them on, it made all the difference.  Sub bass is really strong on these, mid bass is there just a bit subdued.  Mids are OK but are overwhelmed by the sub bass, Highs I believe are there somewhere :), I have EQ'd the bass down and the mids and highs come through much better. 

I amp these with an E12 to the point where they get hot.  They are heavy bass IEM's IMO.  Listening to 'November rain', my eyeballs are actually vibrating from the sub bass.  I like them a lot after putting the complys on them.

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Do the comply actually change the sound signature? which of their product would you recommend to use for the diesel? wouldn't mind putting an additional 20 bucks on it if it improves the sound...

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They make a huge difference for me on most ear-buds I get.  The only 2 I haven't needed them for are the Shures (they come with a really good sealing set of tips) and the Jlab epics.  All others I see a really really big difference.  Is mainly (IMO) because they make it a lot easier to get a proper seal.  Which size?  I really don't know.  I had bought all the sizes a while back and put them in a pouch.  I pull some out and see what fits.....

I also have bought Veritis (?) tips, they are less expensive than comply and seem to me to work just as well. 

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Cool. I'll try them (altough I believe I get a proper seal with the tips that came with the diesel, I have no source for comparison so it's worth trying)

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If anyone is still interested in these for a solid price point then I have the deal for you.
How does 29.97 sound?

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