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Originally Posted by Norway View Post

That's a shame. Was that what put you off?

Yeah it was a very close race with some of the other DACs, and the problems during the audition did push me over the edge.

I ended up getting one of those 3-in-1 units with DSD/DoP support and an integrated headamp, but 2nd place would go to the ARK MX+ or BDA-2 for me.
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Yeah, understandable. From the seller's standpoint we had Murphy's law in action; everything that can go wrong will go wrong. :) What specifically did you end up getting?


On a brighter note, I actually got AURALiC ARK MX+ from moiz.no yesterday, but I lack balanced XLR cables, so going down to some local shops to source a pair today. It sounds great with Taurus even when using single ended cables, but going to see if there are any differences when using balanced and switching between USB and Coax. :)


It sure looks sexy!




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Aye, moiz is the importer I think
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^ Yes, that would be correct. :)


I've created a thread where AURALiC owners can unite. There is almost no talk about these fantastic products on here, which is an absolute shame. Did a more "professional" photoshoot too, and I have to say the results came out pretty well. :)

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Nice :-)
Too bad I went with another DAC... :P
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Originally Posted by CybDev View Post

Nice :-)
Too bad I went with another DAC... :P


Haha, yeah, looks like I'll be left all alone rambling in that thread, lol.

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I actually found this thread searching for a comparison of Woo Audio unbalanced products (e.g WA2) that double as a preamp and the balanced Bryston BHA-1 at around the same price point. Any more thoughts on comparing the two? I know it is like apple and oranges, but I am building a system from a source with a dual mono balanced output. It seems like the balanced products drive the LCD2/3s better, while the WA2 is perfect for the HD650s. Thoughts?

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This was a great way to move into the world of headphones.  It started 2 weeks ago with the Bryston BHA-1 fed by a Beatis Revolution II Server via AURALiC Vega DAC using HD800 / K712.  Then, Monday this week, the Taurus MKII arrives.  Tomorrow I'm returning the Bryston - It had a channel issue with the pre-amp out but nevertheless, there was a stunning difference in several areas that, even with hearing issues I might be able to describe.


First, they were equals for most part with sound stage width.  Where the differences really came into play was the Taurus' ability to flesh out the instruments with greater sustains.  Like having a few more extended harmonics available.  Listening to 2Cellos (DSD128)  the body of the instruments was absolutely gorgeous with the wood body coming thru.  The Bryston was a more like a 2D listening experience.


The Taurus has a definite analog signature, meaning depth, nicely etched instruments but not sibilance on the upper 2000 kHz on up.


The Taurus had voltage issues a couple of years ago and were not available in the N. American market until the last few months. 


I'm enjoying this newly found headphile world.  It's about 80% of the speaker experience, but for those of us who are having hearing issues, it's great to have the music back.

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