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$200 HP's

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I'm looking for a new set of headphones which can fit in max. 200$. I listen mostly to metal and like clear sound, but I won't say no to bassy. My previous headphones were CAL! and they were ok. It's time for something better, I'm considering choices such as Brainwavz HM5, HD598, HD580(if I can get any), maybe 595 (or moded 555), DT990PRO, D1100. As a source I use Maya U5/Fiio E10. Help me with final decision, its pretty impossible to check them all personally, which is the best option. Of course if you have any better picks, let me know! Thanks! 

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Bump, adding AKG K242HD to the list. I really would like to know your opinion 'bout them. 

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Have to say for predominantly metal, you cant go wrong with a pair of Grados.

A lot of people will say this.

I wouldnt get the D1100, i have it and while its good for EDM, its basically the same as the CAL! and way overpriced in the UK. i paid £40 for mine ($60)

DT990 is another bad choice for metal. i've spent hours with my friends pair and they really just don't cut it.


If you can. find a place to try some SR60i, SR80i, or SR225i.. i have the 80's/225's.

they have a fair bit of mid bass, which gives a nice kick drum sensation.

a lively midrange which excels vocals, and a slightly hot treble, which i find suits metal.

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Well, a lot of people complain about how uncomfortable Grados are. Thats what scares me the most, because I like long sessions, 3 hours and more without any brakes. Anyway I'll try to find them in my city. 170$ for used 225i is a good price? 

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Just FWI - Rule out the Sennheisers ( well at least rule out the 555, 595 , 598 ) , the Beyerdynamics and the HM5( ficher audio clone) are far stronger headphones.


I would also suggest you consider the Sony MDR-1R ( I just got the bluetooth variant for about $280 usd and I love its sound ) 


Also do add a pair of grado's to your collection eventually, you'd be mad not to experience the Grado sound, But for a 4-8 hour-a-day headphone, pass on the Grados until you're more invested in Headphones as a hobby :P 


** Just to comment on what has been said above, in reference to your choice of Metal as your dominant genre , I do believe the HM5's pack a considerable punch, the Grado's perform very well with metal ala Megadeth , Slipknot, Cradle of Filth. 


Open Sennheisers have notably weak bass, even when EQ'ed , a Bassy Senn would be the HD220-pro .


The Sonys I have mentioned have a fantastic signature, and perform great for my favorite rock , Pearl Jam , Megadeth , Manson. 


Open Beyers are weak on Bass, but perform very well when bass is properly EQ'ed for them, its just not in their flat-eq character. However I've demoed the closed DT-770 250 ohm , and i love how it presents bass. 


Just my 2c

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Thanks for your advice! I considered Sennheisers because of their comfort, they are unbelievable comfy, light and just perfect fits on my head.

Any option from AKG is viable in my particular case or not? I found 242HD interesting and kinda cheap. 

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Originally Posted by gorionn View Post

Thanks for your advice! I considered Sennheisers because of their comfort, they are unbelievable comfy, light and just perfect fits on my head.


I wholeheartedly agree about the comfort of the Senns, afterall for the last 2 years my HD 595's have been my college / work commute headphones , they are very light and comfortable, but there is just something missing in their sound, its just "good" its not "wow" . 


I'm personally considering the AKG K701 / Q702 to fill another niche in my collection, but as you can see from my sig , i'm now sucked into this hobby :) 

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I find my grados comfortable.. although you have to soften the pads and bend the headband a bit.

its a lot to do with ear size. i have tiny ears so mine actually fit inside the pads of the SR225i

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