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upgrade from E7+E9

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Hi! i was thinking of upgrading my E7 to E7k... but the old e9 wont support it...

anything that you guys suggest to upgrade this setup from? noting too expensive or too large but can drive my k702..

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just to clarify are you looking for an amp of a DAC? 


if your looking for an amp the Meier Corda Stepdance may be good especially with the 15v external power pack or power supply just read the reviews. you can usually find them used on Head-Fi for not too much. As far as DAC's go i don't know much about them so i can't help you sorry, but i'm sure there are loads of forums around here with plenty of info.

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nope im trying to upgrade this as a desktop setup

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hmm whats your preferred price range

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around 400US

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what are your current headphones just because of tube vs SS sound. do you really want it to be a single unit or can it be separates. i personally would recommend separates for ease of upgrade in the future. if you are willing to buy used  the headroom portable micro with DAC could probably be found within your range. also i would check out Meier audio for some amp/DAC combos.


a quick list of possibilities. 

-headroom portable micro

-heed audio can-amp

-used nu-force icon hdp 

-some Meier combos if you can find them for the right price 

-maverick tube magic DAC/amp 


some of them might be a little (of a fair amount) over your price point but you could probably find them under 400 used.


good luck biggrin.gif

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how about the Dr. DAC 2? well its for a k702, TF10pro, and turbine copper...
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i haven't seen it before but it seems to be a god amp combo from what I have looked at so far. Just a heads up you may end up just using the K702 i have found many amp i have had the chance to audition despised my TF10's and brutally rejected them with painful sibilance and a generally thin and shrill sound. my Meier Corda Stepdance is like this. 


the best thing to do is to audition them if possible. i know everyone says this and in most cases its irritating to hear because its usually near impossible to do. if you can find one, an amp with a more bass heavy sound sig may be good for the K702's because if i'm correct they can be quite light on the bass.

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