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Whats more important to you: Your camera or your MP3 player + headphones?

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Which would you spend more money on?  Camera or MP3/IEPs and why?


Music is my life so MP3/IEP for me.  I like cameras too but i suck at taking photos and dont use the camera often enough to warrant buying a nice SLR (which is what id want) cause i only want the best.

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I love both. For my portable music player, I just use an older used cheap unlocked  iphone (and currently as my telephone too). 


For my camera, I use an older Olympus Pen hybrid camera and it is excellent. It's smaller than a DSLR but can still take outstanding shots using a similar SLR type of method. It does come with a detachable lens so it's a legitimate fat lens camera but smaller and much easier to carry around. You can buy these kinds of cameras for cheap. I still love the big DSLR cameras though but these other smaller cameras are really good too.

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obviously not the camera

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I would spend about the same, they're both important to me. For instance, my camera is a Canon Rebel xT that I bought around 5 years ago. Even though my camera phone has the same megapixels as it, I still really enjoy my camera and hope to save for a DSLR. At the same time, though, I love listening to music, so I'm also willing to save/invest/whatever for anything music-related. Ngl, you chose two of my biggest hobbies.

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40% camera. 60% mp3 player + headphone. I like taking pictures when I went on trip with my dad's Canon 500D. Mp3 player, I can accept anything but just not headphone. I use an iPhone(the mic start showing ages and no one using it at home) & an old iPod that my brother gave up using it. 

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Interesting thread.  Being new to Headfi and still on the verge of choosing amps and cans, I have the tendency to compare music gear to camera gear.  In order to understand price vs value of these expensive music gears, I tried to find a small (and probably senseless) analogy between them and my photography gear.

MP3 players = Camera body.  No matter the form and different options from multiple technology, it still serves the same purpose.

Headgear = Camera lenses.  No matter the source/body, the headgear/lens can make or break the shot/listening experience.  In a lot of cases, the headgear/lens could either enhance or depreciate the intended shot/media.

Amps = Support system.  Sometimes you can get away without using an amp/tripod.  There are work-arounds.  But higher impedance headgear/long focal lengths or non-stabilized or simply slow lenses, will demand the use of amps/tripods.  Others, could simply benefit from it.

EQ = Darkroom/Editing software.  Despite the areas where the headgear/lenses might come short of service, eaqualizing/editing would help enhance or improve the listening experience/photograph.  But they could only go so far.  A crappy sound/photo is still a crappy sound/photo.


In my opinion, music and photography gear can relate to each other when it comes to prive vs value/use.  Photography gear is just as expensive if you really splurge into it.  Lenses and Bodies and Tripods are relatively strong in some aspects and weak at some.  But one can make due with what one can afford.  Although desiring for more or better gear, you can still enjoy listening to music/taking photographs with what you have.


But to me, there's a difference when it comes to productivity.  In my case, it's easier to get a bit more financial compensation from my camera, than from my (future) music gear.  Although, one of the main reasons why I end up here in Headfi, is that while taking photographs, music is a huge muse.  The music I currently listen to, could make such a big impact with my shots.


To answer the OP, my piggy bank meant for an expensive support system, will be sacrificed in the name of headgear.

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my headphones and my dslr
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I love film photography so I also use an old 1970s refurbished Canon AE1 35 mm SLR (eBay find). One nice thing about vintage style film photography is that it is affordable and not really expensive.
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MP3 player/headphones, no question. I'm happy with my $120 point and shoot Nikon... it serves my purposes 99% of the time.

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you might be in the wrong thematic forum . ask the same thing in a camera forum biggrin.gif (e.g. the canon one or something)

edit: tho it seems opinions above might indicate otherwise biggrin.gif and I'm just boring and audio
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