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Detachable Headphone Cable

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Hi guys,


This is my first thread, so firstly i'd like to say hi to everyone on the forums :)


Now down to business...


I just bought myself some Grado SR125i's (awesome) and i've been looking at making some detachable cables (with a 3.5mm jack) to replace the originals (6.3mm jack).


Now i'm pretty new to high end audio, and don't really know much about the sciency side of things and what affects sound quality etc, so i'm going to ask a few questions :)


Firstly, I understand that silver wire is superior to copper, albeit more expensive, so that's what I aim to use.


What connectors should I use to connect the cans themselves to the actual wires?  3.5mm audio Jacks? 


Or is there a superior connection?


Will I lose any sound quality through these connections?


Any other tips you guys have would be very much appreciated! beyersmile.png



Thanks in advance,



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Anyone? :P
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Hi there.
I'm pretty new on here and I've just bought some Grady ms1-i headphones.
I've just ordered 20 ft of toxic cable cables.ive gone for his scorpion cable as this is nice and warm and tames the highs a little.
As for connections vie ordered 3 x neutrik stereo jack plugs 3.5mm and 2 chassis .
I was thinking of using some of the cable left over for the wires between the drivers and the chassis/socket.
I hope this helps
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Well just to say I've made my own detachable cable and it definitely sounds different but in a good way.
I'll get some pics just as soon as I haven time and can put my cans down 😃😃😃😃😃😃
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Well here we go again another detachable cable but this time out of something very different .
Vampire continuous cast copper 99.9999 26awg
It's going to have mini xlr connectors and an oiyade 3.5mm jack plug
I've litz braided with 8 wires.
This should I hope sound like liquid gold with my wooded ms1-i
This is just the beginning
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Ahh nice, looks cool!
Think i'm going to wait until I can afford some Magnum drivers and cups! :)

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Have a look on one of my other threads I am now doing wooden cups.
This will be the second cable and there is so much to learn to get it right.
Did you never build a cable in the end ?
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Thanks by the way
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Mmmmm yummy new connectors to try for my detachable cable.lets have a little grado bling.
After 2 weeks of searching eBay and alike trying to find something a bit different that does not have to come
From Hong Kong I think I've done it.
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How did you braid those 8 wires? smily_headphones1.gif
Because its looks so complicated to do by looking at tutorials :')
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I have a pair of 60,60i,80,80i and two pairs of allessandro ms1-I plus just got my turbulante -x drivers,ye ha.
regarding the 8 wire litz,I just braided as if I had 4 cables but just doubled everything up.some where I have a wicked diagram of how to litz braid,I'll try send it to you.
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Ahh ok, sweet!
I want some turbulent X drivers for my vibro cups!

Cheers pal!
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