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iPad dislikes my new Aune T1 tube headphone dac/amp...

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Hey guys and gals, I have found much knowledge here on Head-Fi just by searching and reading. But now I think I need help. So a question from a long time lurker.


I have done a lot of reading on the Aune T1 over here and on Rock Grotto, a British forum. Since many people liked this dac/amp and because it is actually quite inexpensive, I decided to buy one to replace my NuForce uDAC. Mainly as an external amp/dac to use while watching movies on my iPad 1 (running IOS 5.1.1).


My main gripe with the uDAC is that it needs to be hooked up to a powered USB hub in order not to be rejected by the iPad because it uses too much power. This is how I connect it: iPad > CCK > USB cable permanently attached to a powered hub > Audioquest Cinnamon A to B out of the hub > dac > HP's. If I do not connect the CCK with the USB cable that is fixed to the hub, the iPad won't recognize the dac and plays music through its internal speakers.


Today I got my my Aune T1 in. It is beautifully made and looks really cool. Listening to it on V-Moda M-80's through a Macbook Pro while the tube is still burning in already tells me it sounds much nicer than the uDAC. My first impression is that the Aune, at least with the stock 6DJ8 6922 Russian tube, renders the M-80's character more natural. The bass is a bit less overdone now, while treble seems more extended and brighter. The headphones sound less dark now. Fresher! So far I am happy. The T1 feels much better than it is supposed to do for €160.


But much to my chagrin I get the same "the connected USB device requires too much power" message when I connect the Aune T1 with a USB cable directly to the camera kit on the iPad. iPad > CCK > Audioquest Cinnamon > Aune T1 USB > V-Moda's.


What am I missing? The Aune T1 is obviously self powered. I suppose it should draw no current from the iPad.


I had expected the iPad and the Aune T1 to immediately match. In fact, on many websites, the dac/amp is advertised as: Win7\Win8\XP\Mac\Ipad\Vista Support, just plug and play.


When I put a USB hub in between both devices everything works again. I was, however, hoping to get rid of that hub.


The whole problem is artificial anyway. When I disconnect the power cable from my hub, the iPad happily goes on sending music to the dac. So it is not a power issue per sé. It looks to me that it is more a protocol thing than that the iPad actually senses that power is drawn from it.



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You could try turning off the DAC, turning on the iPad and connecting the camera kit.  Then turn on the DAC, but so far the only fix is the external hub route.


Hopefully a newer IOS will fix the issue because it is rampant.

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I did, I tried that several times. And also different varieties. No difference.


It would be great when Apple would be a bit more lenient towards alternative approaches on how people prefer to use their products. But I won't hold my breath.



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I am bumping this thread to see if this continues to be a problem with the Aune T1 and the iPad. I currently am using a Fiio E7 which is self powered an works fine with the CCK and ipad3. I want to get the T1 but don't want to find out that it won't work with the iPad. I can use a powered hub if necessary, but would rather not.
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Hi guys

Just got myself a T1 and would also like to know if it can be connected to the ipad with d CCK.
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I'm exactly in the same situation.

Thanks fot the USB-powered hub tip, I thought It would be impossible to match Ipad and Aune...

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Originally Posted by maurits View Post


What am I missing? The Aune T1 is obviously self powered. I suppose it should draw no current from the iPad.


Just because it has its own power supply connected to an AC outlet, does not mean the whole circuit is powered by it. I don't know about the T1, but for DACs like the SuperPro 707, it comes with a 19v PSU but can be used with a 24v brick; alternately, if you use USB, it has the exact same sound output (thundering bass, for one), so AFAIK what it does is it either gets a lot of power for the entire circuit using the 24v, or it gets up to 5v off the USB then uses the whole 19v stock PSU to power the analog output.


Also, my iPad2's USB audio was disabled by iOS6.3.1 (and when I asked Apple's tech support, no one answered back, presumably because they're all scratching their heads at why I wouldn't just cough up cash for something with "Made for iPod" on it and that Genius autonomously declared me an idiot). My Meier Cantate.2 uses only a miniscule amount of voltage, 0.2v I think, to run the USB input indicator lamp off the host device, and it still gave me that "too much power" error message. What's really lame about it is my S3 has no issues running that little lamp - off a fully charged battery one hour of listening usually won't drain 2% from it (WiFi and lyrics streaming off, of course). I can't remember well enough but an iOS5 version disabled powering the uDAC and similar devices too. iOS7 gave me USB audio back though, unfortunately it won't work on the iPad1.


As for powered hubs, make sure you get the same ones already recommended on the iPad USB DAC thread. Some hubs are wired differently or something and don't work.

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