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German MAESTRO - Impressions Thread

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Today I received a nice e mail from German MAESTRO which is a reply to my question. The question was this: is it possible to get a cable modification done by German MAESTRO to their headphones. Thomas Philipp answered and gave me the good news.


They can do any kind of cable and jack connector mod without asking extra price. All you have to do is just leave a comment while ordering the product.


Now I am going to order my GMP 8.35D Monitor headphones cable modded by German MAESTRO.


With the perfect cable length for me, these literally indestructable headphones will remain to my grand son I guess.


Well done German MAESTRO.


Also, I would like to thank to head-fi.org people to make me discover this brand and help me to choose the correct headphones for me.


As soon as I receive my new hps, I will try to give a short review about it. I am not an serious audiophile please don't expect me to give serious details but it will be somewhere in between average music lover and future promising audiophile.


Furthermore, these links might help:






and Acix's admirable review on GMP 8.35D Monitor which affected me a lot.



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That is a nice option especially if you look at the other companies (German brand as well) which will charge you a 100 euro (10 euro worth material) more for balanced version.


And for the OP, maybe you can send 'em or ask for other cable like mogami (not for free but it will not break the bank), modification and a sweet upgrade as well.

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Thanks for the suggestion but I have no problem with their stock cable quality. They will make it 1.2 meter thats wonderful already. Also if possible I will ask for detachable cable too but I am not sure if it is ok for them, unfortunately I forgot to ask it before.

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Yeah, detachable cable for a rugged hp would be a nice feature, but I think that will include  a little modification on the hp housing as well. 


It is not about stock cable quality, most of the manufactures make their cable pretty decent it is more if you like the sound and signature in general and want to squeeze that little extra without too much of a cost.

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The order is done, finally I did not ask for a detachable cable, it is ok like this too. Maybe in future if I really need it I can send it to them and they can do it.


About the cables, I guess I am not that professional I don't think I need it. Probably the difference will be not be noticable for my not educated ears. But thanks for the reply, in future when I go more serious of course I will consider it.

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No problem, it is not crucial for sound for sure but it is a nice addition like a cherry on the top  smily_headphones1.gif

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These cans are used in my country in almost every music shop, connected to the 8-disc CD-players where you can audition all the newest albums.


Don't remember what model they were, but sound was horrible. It might have been caused by the bad source though.

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I can say as a long time consumer of MB Quart and German Maestro products, I am more than pleased with this company as a whole.


The engineers put most of their focus and costs into sound reproduction (and not other frills) - and they're actually one of the few well rounded audio companies (car, house, headphone, marine) that actually do THEIR OWN manufacturing.  Any time I have had to buy replacement or upgraded parts for any of their sound equipment it has been nothing but a pleasure working with them.


And there stuff sounds very good for the price.



Proud CharterOak SP-1 owner here, made by the MB Quart/German Maestro engineers.

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As a satisfied owner of MB Quart Phone 90X, GMP 8.300 D and GMP 250, I'm glad to this appreciation thread.

Headphones has come and gone in my collection, but the QP and GMP's are here to stay.


And yes, Thomas is a great guy.

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I'm not really the kind of person that contributes often to an "Appreciation" thread, you know? :P


About MB Quart/German Maestro I'll say that their customer service was very colaborative every time I initiated contact to buy new parts for my GMP.

Despite having heard some MB Quarts and GMPs before, I don't feel confortable to comment on the house sound of this brand.

What I can say for now is that I'm very proud of what I was able to achieve with my mods on the 400 model.

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I own a GMP 8.35D Monitor Custom cable 1.2m straight done by German-MAESTRO. But now my headphone cable got damaged. I emailed them but unfortunately the 'great guy' Thomas is out of his office until next monday. So we will discuss what we can do. So far, as a starter of this thread and very happy customer of them, I was quite unlucky with the cable damage. I am hoping to solve this problem with their help. I will ask him that if it is possible to do a detachable cable mod so in future my beautiful tank like durable headphones will not get any damage. Also using a high end cable is in my wishes too.


As I said, I am waiting for the great guy's return and after deciding what we can do with the headphones, reparing pricing or warranty etc etc, I will update here too.


So far I didn't see anybody unhappy with them and I am specially very happy about my headphones. They were the best 160 euros I spent in my whole life smily_headphones1.gif What these headphones can do is simply amazing. I hope we can settle a nice repair solution and doing some things for preventing future accidents.

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I would like to know how the best open German Maestro's compare to Sennheiser HD600 series SQ wise, built quality at least seems a bit better?

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Originally Posted by Headzone View Post

I would like to know how the best open German Maestro's compare to Sennheiser HD600 series SQ wise, built quality at least seems a bit better?

All I have to offer is my impression of the QP400 (now GMP400), my long term ownership of the SP-1 (QP450 PRO variant, now GMP450 PRO) and my impressions on the Senn HD650.


In a nutshell, if you want speed energy and detail and soundstage the GMP is a no brainer.  If you want warmth, euphony, thick (by comparison), and smooth treble - go with the Senn.


The Senn will be more polite to any poorer recorded material as well.  Both scale really well with quality amplifiers

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Good idea to make this thread, about the cable...I just measured 126 cm, look like the coiled cable stretch out and got a bit longer with the time. I have the 8.35 more than 5 years now, and still looking as new. I hope you'll get your hps repair back very soon. 

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Thank you Acix for your good wishes. I bought these hps with your suggestions too, your wonderful thread was incredibly helpful. I am 100 percent happy with the sound quality but cable drove me crazy. I hope we can find a nice solution for it. A detachable cable would solve most of my problems. Also I am willing to use something more special, something like what you can find in BTG Audio cables. I saw people are pretty happy about it. Problem is, BTG Audio is in the States, I am in Europe. I don't how can we manage it and how much it will cost to me. So first, I would like to discuss with Thomas and see what can be done and is it under warranty or not, then we can move to the next step.


About the open back Maestro's, for the moment I don't have any of them but in future when I solve my money problems I would like to purchase one. But just to looking at them and comparing what people say about their built quality, I would say Maestro's are probably more durable. SQ wise, no comment for the moment.

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