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Hoping someone can lend insight. I am in the market for easy to drive portables with decent isolation, good bass, but retain mids and highs.
I have a set of vmoda Crossfades that are great as far as EDM and bass driven genres go, but i really enjoy Bowie, The Cure, Joy Division, U2, etc...
The K67s have been universally loved by the few that have reviewed them. Please keep in mind I am on a budget and have no desire to amp, and will use these with an iDevice.
Would these be a step up from the Crossfades as far as detail and mids go? Vocals and guitars seem recessed on the Crossfades.
Thanks for any help!
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Originally Posted by jdaclutch View Post

Portability is awesome with these guys, if you are coming from k518le like me, you can just use the k518le pouch to store them if not no biggie. Here are some picture to give you an idea how they look on head and how they fold up. Just don't expect these will be as comfort as full-size that you use at home.




I have been using the K518LE pouch as well since the K67's arrival Lol!!

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pouch will be a plus for newcomers, but k518le like us already have one. Maybe they need to include one on their next upgrade release? gs1000.gif 

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don't have the v-moda that you are talking about, but the k67s are an overall upgrade from k518le. check out the k518le reviews, and you will get an idea of what the k67s might sound like. 

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Thanks for the info, I'll do that.
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The fact that these have the dimensions of a portable headphones but the cable of a full-size sit down headphone kinda turns me off toward these. A right angle jack with a mic perhaps would have been a wiser design imo.

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One of the favorable reviews on youtube commented recently that their set broke, more specifically, the headband cracked. I think i'll stick with v-moda...
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Originally Posted by jdaclutch View Post

Just got them friday night, here is my initial impression


Sound: K67 = These are definately an upgrade from  K518 in term of SQ, more sub-bass, and not dark sounding. bass is not as punchy as the k518, but it is more refined(which i think is the good thing for my taste), more details in vocal and instruments. Overall is a great listening experience. 8/10

Built Quality: I must say I'm very happy that the k67s got rid of the y-cable, and the cable is thicker and longer than the k518, so i don't have to worry about breaking it. the overall BQ of the k67s is very sturdy and solid 8.5/10.

Comfy: not as "clamp happy" as the akg k518, the superaural design is good, but could be better( i'm spoiled by my Sennheisser), the paddings are softer and deeper than the k518. I would say this is pretty darn as portable on-ear cans


Isolation: tried them at a fairly noise environment, had the vol on 20/30 with my nokia lumia 920, can't hear a darn thing outside, and didn't notice any leakage. 9/10


I got them for $69.99 brand new off a ebay reseller, which I think it is a solid price. I give them 8/10 over


Hi, interesting, how's the Lumia 920 + K67 combo? Have you tried it on an iPod and notice any difference? :)


Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the info! Does the K67 have the same size headband as the K518LE?  As my K518LE cable is knackered and I have it on notch 1 or 2 as I have a small head. Thanks.

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What do you recommend, these or the beyerdynamic dtx 501p? 

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It,s so funny. I am on Vacation in Asia and brought only my Q350 ear buds. So a month in I was regretting not bringing my full size cans. On Koh Samui just to try out a pair I bought some monster power beats I was that desperate,Luckily enough, I just arrived in Bangkok today and picked up a pair of K67s for around 3200 Baht 300 less than the beats and I have to say even having paid over 100$ for the cans they are worth there weight.
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