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Sen 598 vs AKG k702 or Q701 +amp Am I going overboard for what I need?

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I was originally looking at the Sennheiser HD 598. 


But after the lack luster responses in my first post and reading up on some information in others I find myself yearning for a bit better. 

Now I am looking at the FiiO E9 and E7 Bundle on amazon with the AKG K702 headphones or the Q701's





I know the biggest rule in buying is where and what you listen to. 

So here is what I need.

  • A good pair of headphones for my computer system in my room. 

The motherboard I am using with its built in audio specs.



I have a very extensive music collection of FLAC files as I am one of those old fashion people who still buys cd’s and if it’s not flack its 320 mp3 on everything.  I actually have a very nice sound system hooked up to the PC but for the sake of my new roommates I really need something that isn’t going to keep them up at night. This is also why I am looking into the higher price headphone market cause going from my really nice sound system to a cheap pair of headphones is making me cry on the inside cause it’s just not the same.

  • The types of music I enjoy is anything by joe satriani, steve vai and classic rock in general.  AC/DC, rolling stones ect…

  • I also game a lot and not limited to FPS really, I play a wide range of games from Bastion to world of warcraft and everything in-between

.So my basic question is from people who know WAY more about headphones then I obviously do. Are the 598’s going to meet my needs without an amp or will the extra money and amp add on with the AKG k702 be worth the extra expense?

Other things to keep in mind, I do not like loud headache inducing bass.  I do love good bass that makes me feel the note or beat or whatever you want to call it. 




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Dont know too much about the k702, but the 598 I do know.  Like most all sennheisers, the HD598s are not bass heavy at all.  Shouldn't cause any headaches.  They should do fairly well without amping, though amping them never hurts.  I am sure you will be pleased with your choice of music with the 598.  


The HD598 is the new and improved HD595, which is a consistent favorite among fps gamers.  Very open soundstage, accurate positioning and all.  Really cant go wrong.  Though since the bass isn't emphasized, it may be hard to find a sense of immersion while gaming.


Also, the 598 leaks sound, so your room mates may suffer depending on how loud you listen to your music.


Again, don't know much about the k702, but the Q701 is another great option for gaming.  As good, if not better for gaming as the HD598.  Unlike the HD598, the Q701 isnt lacking in bass.  It should give you a good sense of immersion, though the bass isn't going to wow you.  


The Q701 is also a great all around headphone.  Has a warm, musical feeling to it.  I'm sure you'll be pleased with it in your choice of music as well.

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I am not to worried about the sound leaking part really.  Its the vibration from my big woofer that is there biggest complaint, even after I turn it down. I pretty much have to keep it off for the guy next door to sleep. He's a bit of a light sleeper but doesn't seem to hear my speakers even when there up a fair bit, he just complains about the rattle.


My biggest worry is I just want to wind up something I am going to be happy with.  I don't need a huge amount of base, I never go very more than 2 or 3 bars on my big system

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I would say go with the Q701 (I edited my post above), but if I were you I would do more research on the k702.  I read a quick first impression of the k702 65TH Anniversary Edition.  It was from someone here on Head-fi whom I know for a fact knows what he's talking about.  You can read his first impression here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/534479/mad-lust-envys-headphone-gaming-guide-updated-1-1-13-yuin-g1a-added/10350 (It's the guy named Mad Lust Envy).


If the regular K702 is anything like what he describes the k702 anniversary (or annie for short) to be, I would go with the k702.

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If I have learned anything not all headphones are built equal especially the special editions of said headphones from my reading here.  I did find a few reviewers saying how the 702's lacked the same bass and felt thinner than the 701's.


This still brings me back to my original question though.  Is it worth me spending double for the q or K AKG's +amp over the Sen 598 for my needs?  Will I hear that much of a difference in quality?  Oh I’m sure there will be a difference but we are talking price vs reward here.

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I have a pair of 555's (which I have heard are similar to the 598's) and the Q701.  Q701 is hands down the better headphone imho.  At the prices you listed I would jump on the Q701 over the K702 and 598.

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say I did jump on the Q701's  Do i need both the E7 and the E9 or will the E9 do me just fine. I actually don't understand the purpose of the doc on the E9 to hold the E&.  Does it provide more power or more control over what your tuning?

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The e9 is an amplifier by itself.  All it will do is give your headphones more juice to drive them better.  The Purpose of attaching an E7 to the doc on the E9 is to add a DAC.  The purpose of attaching a DAC is to provide better overall audio quality, while the E9 by itself will only give your headphones more power. It's up to you.  If you really want the best audio quality with your setup I would get the E9 + E7.

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Ok that makes sense. The E9 just provides more juice to power the power hungry Q701's as many reviews have stated.  While the DAC will do a better job of translating the digital signals from my PC to the analog of the headphones on the E7 then my on board sound card would, with less chance of electrical interference from on board computer parts.


Someone mentioned to me though using the sub connection on the E9 will give me audio lag in games.  This is from one of my know it all friends so is he just blowing smoke or is this something I have to worry about?

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I caved in and bought the Q701’s along with the E10 over the E7 and 9 as I don’t plan on moving the headphones off of my computer ever.


That being said going to do a little bit of a test. I have an old, let me stress this very old receiver from a set of floor speakers that have to be at least 50’s or 60’s.  There straight out of some 50’s dad’s mancave.  Its pure old analog and if I’m not totally talking out of my ass I think its one of the first early solid state recovers.  But I’m still really new to all of this so please to slap me if that sounded wrong.


Pretty much the goal is after a little bit of burn in time is to see if my beat up old receiver will drive the headphones as well or better than the E10.  If so I plan on returning the E10 and moving the receiver up to my computer with my turn table.


It also helped after gift cards and a recent payment for dog sitting I only paid 90 dollars for a set of Q701’s I call that a good deal :)

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