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With Colorfly CK4 + Rockit R-50 using the LF switch micro detail decay goes for miles, you can hear it fading out for such a long time. Play a game with the music seeing how long you can track it for.
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Double post
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Getting some more china stuff tomorrow. One shielded quality rca to rca cable for my new amp Bravo Audio Ocean and one extension cable in 1/8th. And 2 things from norway Klipcsh Image x10 and a new bass guitar to play with. So much fun I will have tomorrow, and with the new amp I can now make a more portable solution for the BH as I will only use it at the uni or office. How does the Ipod Classic 7gen go together with the BH? Can get one quite cheap (used) close by so, also the 160GB would help alot over my 64GB on the mobile(can never have enoughsmile_phones.gif)

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Wow. The included interconnect does sound better. The mids are more focused. What kind of wire is it? I know interconnects have been discussed here already, but just so I know, what's the difference between the included interconnect and the L8?

I posted it a few pages back.  It is a Choseal!!  Just a cheap $2 U.S cable made in China.  Not some Hi end Silver plated stuff.  (Tosses the whole big $ Cable myth out the window, eh?)

I'll give my little review in another day or so, So far I like what I'm hearing!!


Oh wow. I wonder if it has to do with the length? I started a thread asking about cable metals, (H20 joined in ;) ) and someone mentioned it has more to do with length than material. But I think at such short lengths for short 6" interconnects, the material has everything to do with it. I'm still going to get myself a spc and OOC silver LODs and 3.5 interconnects, so I can configure my amps to taste. 

It seems like every interconnect I've gotten my hands on so far (BH stock, ZO stock, L8, L9) is sonically different in some way, so I really can't lose by experimenting with different metals.


Otherwise, I will not put up a review for the BH as I have no other amp as a reference point. That will change sometime, but I can't imagine the BH getting boring anytime soon, and it would be unfair for me to put up any kind of real review other than my impressions on my M-100s amped vs unamped.



AND ALSO! Regarding battery, I charged it fully lastnight, I kind of regret it as I should have let it run flat then charge it up fully, but I wanted to run this battery into the ground from a full charge. So this will be my 100% battery post. In my Flat Battery post I'll mention how many times my iPod had to be charged, and how many days it took. 

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Receive the Senn Momentums tomorrow soo another variant to throw into the mix. Only 18 ohms so better watch this amp doesn`t blow them! Has to be said I have found the bug again after this thread.


Thanks Fidelity, you have cost me a fortune ;-)

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I lasted a good week without buying something. very_evil_smiley.gif

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Anyone on the fence, better order now. Looks like there is a holiday from Feb.05-Feb.18, and nothing will ship out: http://stores.ebay.com/fanmusic-hk?_trksid=p2047675.l2563
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Here's my ipod 5.5 30gb with the c&c bh dual locked together and compared in size to an ipod 5.5 80gb in a case[IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG]
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Here's my ipod 5.5 30gb with the c&c bh dual locked together and compared in size to an ipod 5.5 80gb in a case[IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG]
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Has anyone found any difference after burn in?


I decided to let it play at a little louder than comfortable listening volume, in OUT2 (not that I think it'll make a difference, but I was also burning in my FXZ200s), with all switches on. My BH was on for just about 9 hours. Can't say I'm  noticing any difference with any burn in. 


Do we actually know anything about what these switches do? It's voodoo magic as afar as I'm concerned. LF doesn't only boost the bass, and SF doesn't only crossfeed the channels. To my ears, LF boosts the bass significantly (I'm assuming somewhere between 6-8dB, but I'm not an expert so don't quote me) and it also gives some presence to the highs by a dB or two. The SF switch does something I can't even explain properly, but I'll try...


When I was doing some experimenting earlier, I imagined the frequency spectrum like two straight vertical lines, one for each channel, with sub bass at the bottom and highs at the top. And these lines have a curve to them as if it's the signature of the headphone. Well the BH itself helps balance the sound of my M-100s slightly so these lines are pretty straight in my head. I find the mids are little more focused. It's when I turn the switches though... I still shake my head in disbelief at what's going on.... Just th SF on, the middle of the lines interset, and the top of them cross, so now it's almost like a cancer ribbon shape in my head.  Just the LF on, the lines get WIDER at the ends, and they elongate too, so they're now two long vase shaped lines. With both of them on, having those long vase shapes intersect at those points.... It's just really magical. I keep saying that word, but it's the only way to describe what it's doing to the music.


The only thing I'm a little worried about is the SF on has VERY LITTLE effect in hi gain. Is this just me? 


EDIT: I just re-read this... I really hope this makes sense to people... I feel like I'm nuts for having explain it like I did.

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I'd say my amps probably completed over 100 hours now, I have not heard any changes myself, except for a small amount of sibilance on some tracks that settled within the first few hours. However, I have been alternating between several different sources each day which may explain why I've not pin pointed anything.. I tested the Voodoo sound field switch in high gain, it does seem a touch less obvious.
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Originally Posted by Leonarfd View Post

I'm no iem guy, but ive tested it with my Sony mdr-1r and my Beyerdynamic dt880 250ohm. I did not belive it would be so good. The amp are way than more powerful for my beyers, going to do some ab testing betwean my STX. Is it just me or the amp putting abit more pressure in the treble, I bet this will perform really well with some sennheiser hd650.


The LF switch do put some more sub bass in the picture, would not say it enhance the bass much above 50-70Hz. But the overall bass(with and without LF switch) is much better controlled on the C&C BH than my Note2 without a amp for my Sony mdr-1r.


Worth the money? yes without a doubt. When the e12 is out in Norway I will maybe order it try it and deliver it back just to compare it with the BH.


Will post more impressions later after some more time usage, time to make some pizza and see a movie so that will be later or tomrorow :D


Might aswell post it, looks kinda small on my note2wink_face.gif






Edit: After alot more listening time I find it hard to listen to my Sony mdr-1r without this little thing, also when I plug it into my soundcard an Asus Xonar Essence STX and only use the dac trough RCA out it beats the headphone out for my beyers in sound quality. But my STX go louder but not needed for something in the 300ohm range. I will still say the little amp is absolutly worth the money. C&C bring on more goodies for us plz, maybe an tube amp :D

I notice in the pictures you use the headphone out instead of line out.  Any particular reason?

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Originally Posted by mpawluk91 View Post

That green metal case on your 80GB iPod is nice.....I have the same one in red on my 5.5.beerchug.gif

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Originally Posted by Craigster75 View Post

I notice in the pictures you use the headphone out instead of line out.  Any particular reason?

Dont have a line out cable, since I have only used portable headphones that do not require amplifing before. Still even with double amping it is quite pure when you compare with it straight out from a dac.

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Any one know how this would compare to the Leckerton UHA-6 MKII?  I know it's a significantly different price point but I am just curious.  I am looking for a portable amp or amp/dac for my M-100s and perhaps Ultrasone Sig DJs.

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