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Not impressed with vmoda m80

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So I recently got the vmoda m80s two days ago and I am not impressed at all with the sound. Every other thing about this headphone I love except the sound! These have way too much bass! I can't understand how people (let alone audiophiles) say these are somewhat balanced when to me these have a lot of bass!

Do you need to burn in these headphones? I have about 15 hours on these is there more required? I'm just really disappointed considering I really tried my hardest to like these but I just can't. The bass gives me a headache on some songs after a while! Also guitars don't sound that great and I feel some details are missing.

So I'm guessing I just have f'd up ears and its just me who thinks this. Shall I burn these in more before I return them?
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Burning in the M80 is not going to alter the bass much if any.  I suggest a new headphone if you are like me and cannot stand the low end on the M80.  I often recommend them, but always include the caveat about the bass.


If you like the fit and other aspects of the sound signature of the M80 the Sennheiser HD-25-1-ii is what I recommend.  They are very well built and have a similar up-front and even sound signature like the M80, but the bass is much more in control.


Here are some charts for the M80 and HD-25-1-ii:








To me the only evidence that I can see of the bass issue with the M80 is a slight upward peak at 210 Hz, but I suspect the issue has more to do with distortion  Perhaps Tyll Hertens will chime in and help explain why the bass seems so emphasized on the M80 compared to the HD-25... when the charts show a drastic similarity.


To my ears the HE-25-1-ii does not have the hurt your ears bass that the M80 presents.

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I purchased the M80 from Amazon...I received them...and I sent them back the next day. 


I usually give headphones a chance.  Most of the time I go beyond the return period and I end up selling them in the sales\trade forum.  But I knew after one day that the M80 was not for me.  I also thought they had too much, and too bloated, bass.  I'm amazed Headfiers recommend them...I guess mileage does vary.


As Blur suggested, try the HD25.  Another good candidate is the DT1350.n

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Yea the hd 25 seem like a good choice but theres no place i can try them at. I guess thats my main option though. I tried the amperiors before and really like their sound so im guessing the hd 25 are in the same vain.

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I FIGURED OUT THE PROBLEM! It was the cable! More specifically the black cable with the apple remote. With the red android cable the bass not only becomes softer but cleans up a lot! It's still there but not overpowering like before IMO. Now this is kind of disappointing though because I use the vmoda with an iPod so I'm losing sme functionality. But I'd trade that for the better sound!

I also heard the new speak easy cables are supposed to be better. ?
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