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For Sale:
FS - Somic MH463 w/ extra earpads (sold)

Will Ship To: US

The Somics are in excellent condition. I've had them since mid-December, put maybe 50-60 hours worth of music through them. All accessories are included, which is just the screw-on 1/4" TRS adapter and a velcro tie for the cable. I have the original packaging as well but would prefer to ship them without it to save on shipping costs. I can include it but only if the buyer covers shipping.


-One quick note about these, I have changed the scratchy inner lining of the stock pads with foam that came off Shure ear pads. Doesn't seem to affect the sound much, but they are quite a bit more comfortable with the Shure lining. They're also very comfortable and abit bassier with the Turtle Beach pads.


Price -

~$50 shipped with the extra Turtle Beach pads

~$43 shipped without the TB pads


If you have any questions or concerns feel free to drop me a PM anytime