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Yes, closed headphones generally keep ambient noise out, but it depends on the headphone. Some keep noise out better than others. The best thing to do would be to go to a high end audio store. I don't know where you live, but if you search on Yelp you can probably find one in your area. Or you could search on these forums, that's how I found the good stores near where I live.

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Most closed headphones block out a decent amount of background noise. Shouldn't be an issue, with the exception of a few specific headphones.


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I forgot to add that a high end audio store typically lets you try on the headphones.

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Did a search on here and found one that I never knew existed within a mile of me.  Audio Perfection.  People said it was a fabulous store however they didn't carry Sennheiser.  So i'll check that out tomorrow.  But do I just go with what sounds best to me?  Or how do i determine that? Would you ever order headphones online?

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Originally Posted by rezel View Post


It's like shoveling in a blizzard, people will still make new threads.


Anyway, lets start with the usual.

What kind of music do you listen to OP?

it should be pinned in the first place

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You could look into Ultimate Ears UE-6000. They are $200, also have noise cancelling, but have a better overall sound (and look wink_face.gif ) than the bose.

Love my UE 6000's....
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If there's a Guitar Center in your area, you can usually audition headphones there.

I bought my HD-25's from them.


As for ordering online, you just have to find trusted sights. Amazon, J&R are some popular ones.

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I am planning on visiting Guitar Center and Audio Perfection today.  After looking on Guitar Centers website i'm excited to go in and try to audition some head phones.  Any more suggestions before I go and look?  Here's Guitar Centers selection, hopefully most in store.




Thanks much!


Edit:  Been looking through some of Guitar Centers head phones and am interested in the Sennheiser HD 380 PRO Headphones.  Anyone recommend these or know of them?  Thanks much!

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Yea the Custom One's are really nice, kind of large but I'm loving them. They sound good right out of the box. here's some review video's of them. 




and here's a headfi member hifiguy, he's got a great review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsE9_xZkp2g

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Just got back home from looking at some headphones.  So at Guitar Center I tried on the Sennheiser HD-25's and I feel like they just didn't sound as well or isolate as much noise as some of the on ears did.  I tried on the HD 380s also which I liked okay.  The clerk there however showed me Shure SHR840's.  I like these the most of what I tried on at Guitar Center.  Is this a quality headset?  I then went to Best Buy to see their selection.  I tried on another pair of Sennheisers.  They were okay.  I found the Logitech UE6000's there also.  They looked very stylish compared to the others.  I put them on and they were also very comfortable compared to the others and I really liked how they sounded.  


So I guess my top 2 that I tried on were the:


Shure SHR840s and the Logitech UE6000s


Any thoughts on these two?  Is one better than the other?


Thanks much!  

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Only you can decide that. They are both very well made headphones, buy the one that puts a bigger smile on your face.
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^what concrete said. Pick the one's that are suitable for what you're looking for. Something to note about the UE 6000's is they have active noise canceling also, so if you travel alot such as long car rides with the family or by plane those would be great. 

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But you will always get better answers with a new thread, I've posted in that thread once but no reply..

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Did you properly follow the OP?
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