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Best basshead headphones?

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I'm not an audiophile buy any means. I love bass. Currently i have the vmoda crossfade lp but im selling them because they have too little bass. I would like a headphone that preferably doesn't leak and has a TON of bass. I want the sub-bass and can someone please recommend an amp too. I wil be using an itouch. Thank you.

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The Vomda LPs have loads of bass. The only cans that have more would be the XB500 or 700. For sub bass you want either the XB1000 or a Denon D2000/5000/7000

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You could search on Headfi for similar threads such as this.... And you Didnt specify your price range....

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I dont really have a price range.

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maybe around less than 200 though.

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I agree with Tangster, the XB1000 will blow your head away with all the bass lol. There is also the Audio Technica ATH-Pro700 MK2 that have plenty of controlled bass.

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how about an amp? I was thinking about the cmoybb v2.3   Are they any good? also the digizoid z02. For the amp, I want it to have the punch witch the xb1000 and mk2 are lacking.

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Also do the xb1000 leak and do they have sound isolation?

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The Xb1000 dont have the best noise isolation...they do leak a bit from how big the pads are. They dont really need an amp to power them, but if you want to get one id get the FiiO E17 portable amp.

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how much do tehy leak like 50%, 75%, 100% can you liek tell me how much they leak if im sitting  2 ft away from someone. I will be using these in the car and people will get annoyed if music leaks. Thank you.

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Also the e17 isnt portable. i need a PORTABLE one.

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E17 is most definitely portable...I commute with mine everyday
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^^ Not really sure, depends on how loud your listening to them. I suppose at 50% volume on would be about 10-20% leakage. And yeah the E17's are excellent for portable use.

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ok, does ANYONE on this form no how bad the xb1000 leak. this is crucial to me. Thanks

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and is the digizoid worth it. I hear that imrpoves bass more that fiio e17?

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