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For Sale: Matrix Quattro Amp with remote

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For Sale:
Matrix Quattro Amp with remote

Will Ship To: conUS



Up for sale is a Matrix Quattro Amp with the remote included. I bought this amp off a fellow head-fier about 5 months ago.


It has a humming noise problem when used in single ended mode which is why the price is lowered. It hums regardless of volume position or whether there's a source connected. It's not very loud even with low impedance high efficiency phones, you can't hear it when music is playing even at low volume. In balanced mode there is no hum problem, it's completely silent. 


I've never opened this amp or attempted any kind of mods or op amp rolling.


The original box, manual and power cord is included.


Also for sale is a 4pin xlr balanced adapter to run the amp in balanced mode, I'm asking $15 for that. Pictured above, all Neutrik connectors with Mogami 2893 cable.


The balanced mode on this amp works with a single ended source, which is how I ran it. I e-mailed TamAudio before I bought it and they confirmed this.


Shipping and PayPal fees are included in my asking price, shipping to the conUS only.


I have a pair of Fostex T50RP's that I ran balanced with this amp that are also for sale if anyone's interested, I can lower the price if they're bought together. Thanks for reading.

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