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Rubber Bands ?!

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I have recently purchase an Fiio E11, but the 'rubber band' that was supplied doesnt hold my Ipod as well as I thought, do people have any suggestions on where to get more / different ones.


Thanks in advance for any help

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I just use normal rubber bands around my E11, and clip my Sansa to it. Many audio/amp companies make the wider bands to hold an iPod. I know that ALO audio does.

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Good idea, might have to check that out myself. Is it loud like velcro?

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I use these. Cheap, simple and easily replaceable. They have different sizes. I use the flat black ones. I use multiple of them. You can buy them at Walgreens.

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I use ultra thin velcro and it works really well.










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I use Tesa Powerstrips, basically double sided adhesive pads. they come in various sizes and are very thin. Not suitable if you are dismounting your amp on a regular basis. I have my Arrow 4g stuck to my Iphone 4 case. If you want to go lightweight, you just remove the phone from the case.


They are quite easy to come off when needed but you would have to replace the pads after you did so. This is a UK link but i am sure you can get something similiar elsewhere.



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O-rings are very poplar as well. Drop into your local hardware store with your rig and spend a couple of $$
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I LOVE this thread! Thanks all! 

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Velcro strips is exactly what I decided was best (Ipod touch / iBasso amp).

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Maybe someone will design a case that holds both together and/or connects them more firmly. I'd design it, but I don't know how I'd make it :-P
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Thin slice of bike tire inner tube

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I've used both "O' Rings and Bands, but neither are as convenient as 3M Dual Lock.


For bands you should check out:


http://www.aloaudio.com/alo-silicone-amp-straps-white - White (ALO Audio)

http://www.aloaudio.com/alo-audio-silicone-amp-straps-black-with-logo - Black (ALO Audio)


http://www.moon-audio.com/diy-audio-parts/accessories/moon-audio-bands.html - Black (Moon Audio)

http://www.ebay.com/itm/2X-Fiio-Silicon-Band-MP3-Player-Headphone-Amp-Binding-/280648721579 - Black (FiiO)


I purchased my dual lock from iTapestore, excellent prices and fast shipping.




Hope this helps!

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any idea if these audio bands from ALO, fiio, etc. are of the same size as those silicon wristbands? 

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