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ALO Pan Am or Woo WA7 for Audeze LCD-2 Rev2?

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About to pull the trigger on one of these two similar DAC/Amps, to be used primarily for driving Audeze LCD-2 Rev 2s.  


These are roughly equivalent in terms of price (assuming one buys the ALO Gateway & Passport options, and why wouldn't you) and although topology varies somewhat between the Pan Am and WA7, (hybrid vs pure tube, 24/96 vs 32/192 DAC, "transportable" vs desktop, etc) they seem alike enough to me to warrant a direct comparison.  


Much has been made here and elsewhere over the pairing between the Pan Am and the LCD-2.  The headfonia folks went as far as positing that the Pan Am must have been designed around that specific headphone and were ecstatic about the pairing.  I've not had a chance to listen to either of these, but am almost willing to take it on faith that the Pan Am will not let me down from all I've read.  Should I stop and consider the WA7 just as strongly?  


Has anyone had a chance to listen to the WA7 with an LCD-2 or LCD-3 and could provide some impressions?  I should mention I do plan to use the DAC for awhile, and transportability, although nice, is not a requirement for me.   In general I would love to hear people's opinions about which they would purchase and why. Thanks in advance.    

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I dont own and LCD2 r2 YET, but plan on getting some in the next few weeks. I also auditioned the Pan Am twice now with several different cans, and i LOVED IT. But the build felt cheap, they dont even have rubber feet and they are built in a cheap guitar chinese guitar pedal casing. All that aside if the WA& wasnt SO DAMN SEXY and wasnt directly priced I would have bought the Pan AM over ANYTHING else on the market- even when directly compared to the WA6. 


But in the end i ordered the WA7, unheard, and unseen. Why? Because Woo Audio has yet to let anyone down, their build quality is always unquestionable. The sound? well on paper it destroys all, not that this should be the reason to purchase, but the way i figure Jack says it trumps the WA6 nicely in all regards, plus it has a really nice quality 32 bit DAC thats native to mac! All in all its too much to pass up on- i couldnt hold back.


Worse comes to worse Pan Am will still be around. But if you dont get on the WA7 preorder price its going to bounce up at minimum of $100 VERY SOON - In Australia its limited to 20 units, most of which i understand are already sold. 

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Addicted2audio must be making a pretty penny with these

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Or Jack is... Apparently the markup isnt that big, but who knows. Im PUMPED for it!!!! In the scheme of things its not uber expensive, its just not cheap. Certainly the same money for a pan am and power supply etc, which i recon doesnt have the look, vibe, build, or value of the WA7. I just wonder what it sounds like. Even for a good looking 32 bit DAC native to mac, seems good to me. With past Woo amps in mind and the MONSTROUS data sheet of this one, i cant imagine it will sound bad!!! Although theres bound to be haters and jealousy out there. People always love to bash something thats either seemingly expensive or looks too good to be true. 

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I think the pan am kind of has its own charm. Reminds me of vintage american electronics with its utilitarian painted steel look and bold lines. The WA7 looks applesque almost. Its sleek and minimalist. I personally purchased the WA7, so it may be a case of the grass is always greener on the other side

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Thought I'd start this thread up again!


Thoughts on the Pan Am or the WA7s...


I can get the Pan Am, PassPort and Gateway for $600 (new) all up.


The WA7 that you guys are talking about is nearly $1,500.


From the chatter I'm hearing, seems like the Pan Am punches above its weight.



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