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Cambridge Audio Owners Unite

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I wasn't too sure where to put this to be honest so I've put in here for now until a mod/admin can put it where it rightly belongs lol.


Anyway, I did a search and can't find one so thought I would start a Cambridge Audio Owners thread.


This can be anything from CA, Pictures, Questions, Upgrades, Mods etc etc...


I started out borrowing my little brothers amp years ago ( Cant remember the model for now ) 

And really liked the sound so a few years down the line 2009(ish) I purchased my first CA products.


The Azur 640A amplifier ( Non phono stage )

And the Azur 540C cd player.


I loved the sound signature they produced running through my Monitor Audio Bronze BR2's.


Fast forward to the past twelve months and I needed a desktop DAC & speaker solution as we are now living temporarily

at my parents and very cramped for space.

I really wanted ( still do ) the S30 speakers but they're too deep for my desk so I did a bit of research and discovered the Minx series.

Ive been lucky enough to locate my Azur 640A under my desk ( Just ) so I knew I had enough power output and a dedicated sub/pre out.

Decision made I bought the Minx Min 10's and the Scirocco S80 sub. 

As for the DAC It was easy, I spotted the DacMagic 100 in my local Richer Sounds, And after a quick yap to my mate Tony I whipped one up there and then.


This is where my love for Wolfson came from and still stands. I cant pull myself away from the Cambridge Audio/Wolfson sound.

Its so pleasing & warm to my ears. Yes I have other brands which I also love but I will ALWAYS own something which wears the Cambridge Audio badge!


Here's a few shots of the amp, mini's and DAC - 











Here's my CA list...


DacMagic 100

Azur 640A

Azur 540C

Minx min-10

Scirocco S80

Various CA cables


And I will get more as I go...


Please feel free to share people.


Thanks, Paul :)

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