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That one has only one 50mm driver. 

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I got my Headphones, I bought Lindy Premium Hi-Fi (Goes by many names), And they are pretty good...Since I'm not good with terms or anything, neither can I tell what is missing or what is wrong, but that there is something about them missing or being wrong ^^ ...but other than that Great headphones one thing that I can tell is that the Bass is sometimes bit too much on some music, But for games it works out great! I can pretty much tell where everyone is as long as my friend isn't talking... ^^ Also these do sound better than my speakers (Microlab Solo7c), well more or less it is more fun when the room is shaking instead of your brains... ^^ Also there is a odd thing going on, when I turn the amp volume down for the headphones right ear goes more silent then the left one, Why is that? Turn it up one step more and they both equal...

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I recently bought the asus sonar essence stx and a pair of sennheiser 360's. it is an awesome combo as the headset is open the natural sound and great soundstage is a big plus. Coming from a g35 logitec which I thought was ok to a pc360 I never realised how bad the g35 actually was. There's lots of different options in the stx to change so whether I'm gaming, watching movies or listening to movies every sound is fresh and crisp. I will never buy a logitec or surround headset again. Once you get a decent soundcard and a reasonable set of cans you will never go back just my two cents worth. Yes it did cost a bit buying the headset and soundcard but it is worth every dollar.
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So nice to hear! Now you need something even better for music ;-)
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If you ever want to game while someone else is present (GF watching TV, LAN party, etc) then go with the Beyer. Get the 600 Ohm version.

It is a really great headset, and you can listen to music with it as well. It spoiled me. I can't listen to cheaper headphones anymore. Sorry for your wallet.

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Originally Posted by zepic132 View Post

I might be wrong but I have read that gaming headSETS were not as good as headPHONES because of multi tiny drivers in each ear cup. Moreover I already have a good mic so no need for a headSET. So anyone is using previously mentioned headphones for gaming.

For the record, this is correct.

Those "headphones" with many speakers... suck. You only have one ear, and since the headphone is ON your ear, spatial cues you can normally use to locate sound won't work. You are taking your body, head and ear shapes out of the equation. It's just a marketing gimmik that works. Go practice aiming instead.
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And I have also ordered the beyer mmx300 600ohm version will be interesting to hear the comparison between the pc360's
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Do you have some proper amping for the beyer? It has quite high impedance

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Yeah I do the asus stx supposed to drive up to 600 ohm if it doesn't do a good enough job will get an additional external amp to drive them bad boys properly.
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You can't really rely on those specs... I think 250 ohm version would be better, but 600 ohm would probably also be okay...

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Unfortunately the mmx300 only comes in two variations 32ohm and 600ohm no 250ohm version. Love the open headsets vocal music is fantastic to listen two the clarity is phenomenal. Just want to get a good closed set to compare different style headsets. Maybe I'm better off buying a headset and mic seperate. As its not too late to change the order.
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just came from a mates place who has similar setup with 600 ohm and a stx and it sounds awesome. No doubt a higher end amp might give a slight improvement over the stx but wow it does a fantastic job. Looks like the 600ohm mmx300 is the go for me.
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Changed my mind on the mmx300 going for dt880 semi open/closed headset. Couldn't justify the expense of the mmx300 in Australia $400. The dt880 and standalone mic would probably sound better and also a cheaper option. I reAlly have come to like the soundstage that an open headset brings. Hopefully the dt880s have a nice balance, sense of space and airiness and detailed bass. I have heard some say the treble can be a bit fatiguing on the beyers but guess this is subjective to the listener.
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