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Which One of the DAP would suit me best?

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So I'm currently looking for DAP under $350 that I'll use on a daily basis while traveling.


So far I've came across the following ones and my brain is literally no longer working lol

My main genres would be Rock, metal, pop and classic.


I guess I'm more of an analytical/neutral guy.

I'd buy the DAP first then choose an iem based on synergy or...but any suggestion is appreciated.


Hifiman HM-601

Hifiman HM-602

Nationite s:flo2, though can't find this one of sale, i guess it's discontinued?

Colorfly CK4

RoCoo P

Iphone 4/4s


Any help is highly appreciated ;)

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Well if you're travelling the Hifimans and Colorfly CK4 won't be enough, they ionly average 8 hours battery time. Although CK4+ is the neutral sounding of these selections, How about Colorfly C3? 15 -18 hours from a single charge.
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It'll be like 3-4 hours travelling per day, so if i get get more than 6 hours of usage out of the dap, it will be more than enough :)

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Well out of your selection I own CK4+, HM-601 and also Colorfly C3.

CK4+ has the widest stage, the richest mid range, most clarity and detailing levels. It's slightly cold compared to the HM-601 which is warmer, smoother with more energy/ dynamics and gently rolled off treble. To be honest the Colorfly C3 really isn't that far behind CK4+, even surpassing CK4+ in separation and overall presentation. It has a similar tone to CK4 in that it leans slightly cooler than neutral.
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HiFimans supposed to be quite warm so not ideal if you want a neutral sound. Short battery life on HiFimans plus fairly bulky for travel. Nationite S:Flo2 is not ideal for travel due to the poor UI (as well as other factors) and is much more suited to full size over the ear headphones. It does however have a very neutral sound. You might be able to by a Teclast T51 somewhere in China still. Mainstream Apple players will give longer battery life at lower sound quality and some colouration. Alot depends on your earbuds/IEMs as well as the environment you will be travelling in as well as the bitrate your music is encoded at and how much storage you need.
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